Pacific Essay Examples

Ethnicity and nationalism in the Asian Pacific

The Asia pacific region is an area so named for the simple reason that it encompasses countries in South East Asia, East Asia and Australasia especially those that are close to the Pacific Ocean. This then includes such large countries and economies like China, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. There are also… View Article

My understanding of continental drift

The present arrangement of the continents with similarities in outline of opposite seaboards and coasts and, much more reliably, geological data show that the Earth’s continents that are now on the opposite sides of the oceans were once joined together. Today, scientists believe that about 200 million years ago the continents were joined together to… View Article

International brand equity

This case study is meant to provide a critical evaluation of this research paper on international brand equity in multinational project group. this study tries to find out the scientific quality in its approaches. This study looks into the matter whether, the methodologies used are fine enough to bring out accurate results on the research… View Article

Analysis and Evaluation: Financial Performance of Cathay Pacific 2012

The creditors and investors are care more about the financial leverage ratios because it reveals the extent of company management which is willing to fund its operations with debt, rather than equity. A high debt/equity ratio generally means that Cathay Pacific has been aggressive in financing its growth with debt. This can result in volatile… View Article

Philippines airline case study problem

Lucio Tan, the owner and Chairman of Philippine Airlines (PAL) was faced with a problem. Despite unacceptable levels of profitability, higher levels of passenger boardings for the summer of 1997 indicated that a sharp increase in staffing levels was required. Faced with this request from his management team, Mr. Tan, having heard of some effective… View Article

Hong Kong Airlines Marketing Plan for India

1. Introduction The purpose of this project is to develop an international marketing plan for Hong Kong Airlines to expand to the India market. The first part of the project will cover the current marketing mix and strategies of Hong Kong Airlines, as well as the SWOT analysis. The second part will analyze the India… View Article