Overfishing Essay Examples

Overfishing and it Effects to the Environment

For the last 10 years, the world had been aware of the various changes which had been occurring within our environment. It is known to us that the actions which our ancestors had done in the past have now caused us many problems such as global disasters that could truly ruin the future of the… View Article

Overfishing: A Consequence of Technological Change

I would like to argue that overfishing is an important environmental concern which must be understood in the framework of cause-effect relationship. Its resolution should also be taken seriously and should call the attention of government, civil society and other stake holders in which case, majority of our population. Overfishing refers both to an activity… View Article

Overfishing the World

“There are plenty of fish in the sea,” is a classic quote, but it may not be true for much longer. If we continue abusing and exploiting the wildlife living beneath our earth’s water. Ocean overfishing is simply the taking of wildlife from the sea at rates too high for fished species to replace themselves…. View Article

Overfishing: When Humans Exhaust the Oceans

The ocean is one of the major sources of food for human beings. This is not surprising, considering that oceans cover 75% of the Earth’s surface. The Pacific Ocean, for one, is home to well-known edible fish species such as salmon, herring, snapper, sardines and tuna. Furthermore, about 250 new species of fish are described… View Article

Ebro Delta Questionaire

1. When did the sea level stabilized in the Mediterranean? How old is the Ebro Delta? • The Mediterranean stabalized 4000 years ago • The Mediterranean is rising at 1.5 millimetres per year • The Ebro delta dates back to the end of the last ice age it has constantly changed, with the 15th to… View Article