Othello Essay Examples

The Invention of the Human

Iago’s uses his sexual jealousy of Othello to fuel his desire for revenge. He uses his jealousy to get evened with Othello – ‘wife for wife’. Cuckoldry was a prevalent male fear at the time since it implied that a man could not control his wife which is exactly what Iago fears and is so… View Article

Adaptation Othello

The main characters in Act 1 are Othello, Brabantio, Roderigo, Iago, Cassio, The Duke and Desdemona. There are also two senators in the play as well as an Officer, a Sailor and a Messenger. I will now give a brief description of each one of these characters. Othello: A commander for the Military Force of… View Article

Explore the reasons why Othello orders the death of Desdemona

Othello is a play about love, hatred, death and deception. Othello is partly betrayed by flaw in his own character. He orders the death of Cassio (his friend and ensign) and Desdemona (his wife) for a number of reasons. Chief among these are is that he is rash, violent and aggressive. He is an angry… View Article

Othello literary masterpiece

Introduction  Othello is one of the classical literary masterpieces written by William Shakespeare. Known as the dark-skinned Moor of Venice (Encarta Encyclopedia, 2002), Othello is a story of the mighty warrior whose life turned into a tragic downfall as he was corrupted by suspicion and jealousy over his wife Desdemona and his new friend Cassio…. View Article

How Does Othello’s Character Change Throughout the Play?

In order to understand how Othello changes throughout the play, we have to first take a look at the types of the relationships in the play as his behaviour changes directly links to the influences by the other people whom he has deep relationships. There are two types of relationships, one that is between female… View Article

Language: The Fatal Weapon in Othello

Language is especially tricky because of all the possibilities it can manage. “Be quiet” versus “Shut up” is one example of the power that language holds. Rumors are another example of how powerful language can be when it passes through a certain set of ear lobes; some people are shattered by the rumors floating around… View Article


William Shakespeare’s Othello is essentially a play about human passions, which, when unleashed, can be blind and destructive. Iago can be considered the most important character in the text, as it is him who manages to manipulate all the characters in the play by making use of their own weaknesses, so as to make them… View Article


In act 5 scene 2 of the play ‘Othello’, we witness Othello killing his wife Desdemona because Iago tricked him into believing that she was committing adultery. Throughout the play Iago fooled Othello into believing that his wife was cheating on him, this story line climaxes in this final scene when Othello kills Desdemona then… View Article

Othello by William Shakespeare

Othello by William Shakespeare is a tragic story of envy, hatred and giving trusting to a very iniquitous person. It tells a tale of two people who loved each other despite the fact that they are worlds apart in terms of race, age and experience. Othello was a Moor, and Desdemona was the prettiest woman…. View Article

Shakespeare’s Othello

In Shakespeare’s play presented in the 17th century, Othello’s character, at first, presented one that is persistent, powerful and proud. His love is centered on the ‘gentle Desdemona’ (Act I, Scene II, Line 28); still, his love for the sea and for battles cannot be ignored, for he has spent nine months in ‘tented field’… View Article

Othello Paper: the Effects of Jealousy

Jealousy is a common emotion that everyone shares at one point in life. At most times it is when a person is most vulnerable and insecure that he loses faith in the things he once felt so certain about. Othello, being of a different race, is a man who fights for all he has ever… View Article

Othello and Racism

Held a captive and cannot escape the grips of racism, Othello must battle with this matter from day one till his call of death. Just because his skin tone is unusual from Venice and its citizens, makes Othello an outcast . Although born a black moor, Othello has all the great characteristics a man should… View Article

Love/Hate Othello

In love comes an exponentially vast array of emotions that can all show themselves at one time or another. One of those emotions that comes with love is hatred. Walter Raleigh once said, “Hatreds are the cinders of affection.” If you can find feelings of hate towards someone you love, it is because you truly… View Article

An Analysis of William Shakespeare’s Othello

In the play Othello, the characters depend only on their eyes, and with that, they jump to major conclusions. Many times in life we often take things for what we see them as or what they appear to be instead of looking to see what something or someone really is. Reality is often disguised by… View Article