oscar wilde bio

when and where was he born
october 1852 dublin ireland

what was his father like
very smart, very well educated doctor, and historian, also optimologist

what was his mother like?
mother wrote poems and was very intellectual,humorous said bawdy things to see if she could get a rise outta people

where did he go to school?
he got a full ride scholarship to trinity college in ireland

what were his thoughts on beauty and trend?
he believed in astethic movement he said that everyone should be a work of art. he always wore silk coats he grew out his hair.

what is oscars personality like? (3)

who did he marry? how many sons?
married constance had 2 sons

what did he realize later in life?
he was homosexual

who did oscar fall in love with? (guy)
Bosee an aristocrat who was very beautiful blonde. fell in love in 1891 oscar spent a lot of money on them

what is bosses actual name
alfred douglas

what was not allowed back then?
back then you were not allowed to be homosexual and if u were u had to be very discrete about it or u will go to jail however oscar was not

who is bosses dad and what did he do
queensbury. he doesn’t like the relationship between oscar and bosee so he takes oscar to court

how long does oscar go to jail for?
2 years

what are 3 reasons why oscar is not accepted back into society?
1) hes a homosexual
2) hes a convict
3) he’s bankrupt

how old was oscar when he died and how did he die
died at age 46 of cerebral meningitis

where did he die

where was he buried?
pere la chaise famous graveyard in paris

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