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John Brown was a man with revolutionary ideas which does not fit the norms during his time. Abolitionists like him were going up against an institution highly legitimized and protected. The economy, some of the churches and governments of the pro-slavery states were favouring slavery, the system abolitionists were going against. Pro-slavery states clearly did… View Article

New Testament

“This weakness is displayed in the special terms that are employed by the theory —innocent, combatant, aggression, authority and so on. These terms are subject to the slipping and sliding of deconstructive analysis and forever need further, technical definition. For example, what constitutes an act of ‘aggression’? Is it а physical assault on one’s territory?… View Article

Osama Bin Laden

When the United States experienced the simultaneous terror attacks on September 11, 2001, our country launched a manhunt for the person whom all data pointed to as the mastermind of the attack, Osama Bin Laden. It began as a manhunt for the most wanted terrorist in the world with the mission of getting him dead… View Article

Osama bin Laden

The world is now at a turning point in its history and the reason for this is the man behind the Al-Qaeda terrorist network. Osama Bin Laden’s connections and wealth have made it possible for him to elude U. S. authorities. He has no problem recruiting men, for many Muslims in the Middle East have… View Article

Osama bin Laden

Osama bin Laden is the famous terrorist leader; probably his most popular attack was that of September 11 in the United States. He is the most wanted man on the list of CIA, but is ironically venerated by the Arab and Muslim world as a hero (BBC News, 2001). But just like any other person,… View Article

Justification of Humanities

The humanities have been studied since ancient Grecian times as an academic discipline, examining human condition and including the arts, literature, philosophy, history and some social sciences. In 2008, nationally recognized and respected literary theorist Stanley Fish wrote a New York Times article in response to a New York State Commission on Higher Education report… View Article

Osama Bin Laden’s Strategy

What were Osama bin Laden’s intended strategies in response to the “Arab Spring and why did he consider it a formidable event?” In response to the revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protest (both non-violent and violent) throughout the Arab world, Osama Bin Laden wanted to reevaluate how Al-Qaida as a whole conducted their operations within… View Article