Opera Essay Examples

Account for the Popularity of British Soap Opera

The soap opera genre was derived from a format first experimented with through radio broadcast. However as television developed into a more accessible medium soap opera spread its wings and in 1960 the first televised soap opera was born. Coronation Street was the name of the first programme; it offered a nostalgic perspective on northern… View Article

History of the Phantom of the Opera

In 1911, Gaston Leroux published Le FantÔme de l’Opera, the now famous book that gave birth to the legend of the Phantom.  Leroux had been fascinated by the mystery and design of the Paris Opera House.  As a theatre enthusiast, he had toured all the levels of the Opera House including a visit to the… View Article

The Marriage of Figaro by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The Age of Enlightenment was a period in European history when philosophies and trends were changing considerable. The Enlightenment was a time when reason and equality became accepted principles. Aristocracy and the over-indulgence of the very wealthy as compared to the peasantry was a concept that was being transformed into a philosophy that heralded the… View Article


The main focus of this article is to explain how political climate impact or affect’s the composition of a certain opera made by the composers. This article also tends to explain how the certain factor affects the reception of the composed opera. Operas can express stories such as history, fictitious dramas and even stories which… View Article

Music vs. Book

Books and music are not a direct comparison normally but when it comes to youngsters and their lives both have a very strong influence. When we are bored, it is the time we listen to music or read a book. These two are the common things we are doing in our leisure time. People should… View Article

Review of Related Literature

When you scroll down your playlist, do you encounter the word “Genre” on the list? Do you what does Genre mean? According to Dictionary.com (2005) it is a class or category of artistic endeavor having a particular form, content technique, or like: the genre of epic poetry; the genre of symphonic music. Genre has different… View Article

“P.D.Q. Bach “The Abduction of Figaro”

This is a grand opera that begins off initially with laughter. This appears to be a theme that reoccurs throughout the piece suggesting that it is a comic opera. The mood is serious yet comical throughout. It was really impressive how the composer orchestrated the story into the opera with elements of comedy in the… View Article

Rise of Two Operas

The Italians and the French have been two prominent figures in the world of opera music. Their music in the field of tragedy has been flourished by history and emerged from different social context and background. Opera traced its roots from Italy. Opera, in its earliest form can be traced from various types of Italian… View Article

The Phantom of the Opera

The phantom of the opera is e novel by a French writer Gaston Lecroux. It was first published us a serialization in a French daily newspaper named “Le Gaulois” from September 1909 to January 1910. This story sold very poorly upon publication In book form and it was even out of print several times during… View Article

Opera Buffa

The comic opera is a new operatic genre which denotes a dramatic singing of a light natural, and earthy comedy, usually with a happy ending. The form of comic opera first developed in the early of 17th century. It began to distinguished from other operatic form since in the early 18th century in Naples and… View Article

Maria Calais as a Diva

To enable us to comment on Maria Callas as an operatic diva, it is first necessary to ascertain whether she possess all the stated attributes usually associated with the term. The conductor Sir Charles Mackerras believes there must be an ‘aura’, but ‘there also has to be something unusual as well as competent about a… View Article

Classical Opera

THE question of what sort of music should be employed in opera is a fundamental one, and has given rise to more controversies, heart-burnings, and recriminations than any other matter, since it lies at the root of all differences between schools or individuals. In the earliest times, we find a declamatory style; in the works… View Article

Musical Theatre

What is Musical theatre and what makes it different than any other theatre with music forms, especially Opera? Musical Theatre  The art of music, dance and drama have been linked together since the dawn of time and are still really connected with one another that it is inadvisable to try to tell the difference between… View Article

The Washington Opera

Abstract This report is based on the development of The Washington Opera especially its “world-class” strategy. Between 1995 and 1998, the trustees of TWO established three steps. This case analyzes its “world-class” strategy and problems it brings. It appears that TWO’s first two steps were almost successful, but its ambitious developments resulted in financial problems… View Article

The Mikado

Having never before attended an opera, and not sure what to expect, I found myself both entertained and pleasantly satisfied by the operatic comedy of “The Mikado”. The performance took place at Wallace Hall at Gadsden State Community College, George Wallace location. I attended the 7:30 performance on Saturday, June 8th. The performance lasted a… View Article