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Online shopping Essay

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Online shopping

For this assignment I have decided to research online shopping and the way it has been introduced into every day living. Online shopping has recently been on the increase due to the advance in technology and the cheapness and availability of computers have become in the last few years. For whatever reason it is certainly a highly used service and will always increase, as the Internet is becoming a bigger part in everyday living. The aspects of Internet shopping I am going to research are: –  What are the best shops to buy from and why.  How easy it is to buy online.

Prices of products compared to high street prices. * How secure it is to shop online. I will get my research from producing and handing out 30 questionnaires, reading books about the Internet and from the Internet itself. Research: – A questionnaire was carried out as an initial step to gather information on the habits of people’s usage to online shopping. Questionnaires were handed out to people that do or have at one point used the Internet to do online shopping. The information I have gathered with this questionnaire is: – i?? What age group uses online shopping the most i??

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What sort of products people buy online i?? What’s the most popular product people buy online i?? How often people buy online i?? How secure people think online shopping is Results of questionnaire: – On the following page I have created pie charts to show the important results from the questionnaires. The questionnaires and full results of the questionnaires can be found in Appendix A at the back of this report. Pie charts: – [image004. gif] Chart 1 – Most popular sites Chart 4 shows the sites that were used the most. As you can see from the chart Amazon was the most popular with 41%, followed by Ebay with 14%.

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