Oil Essay Examples

The length of the hydrocarbon chains affects

The aim of this experiment is to find out whether the length of the hydrocarbon chains affects how runny the oil is. Preliminary work needed: With the apparatus that is available in the school laboratory there are 2 different possible ways in which to carry out this experiment. From doing preliminary work testing both methods… View Article

Littlebrook Power Station

Littlebrook is an oil-fired power station, which uses oil to produce electricity. The oil is transported by the sea. It is powered by heavy fuel oil this means it has to bring tonnes of oil from other countries. Littlebrook is located on the banks of the river Thames in Dartford. In the 1990s the CEGB… View Article

Organization Study

INTRODUCTION Organization study is “the examination of how individuals construct organizational structures, processes, and practices and how these, in turn, shape social relations and create institutions that ultimately influence people”, organizational studies comprise different areas that deal with the different aspects of the organizations, many of the approaches are functionalist but critical research also provide… View Article

Terrorism and human rights abuses in the Balkans

Abstract This essay aims to explain the history of and the reasons for the existence of terrorism in the Balkans. It also compared the similarity between human rights abuses in Persian gulf nations and Islamic fundamentalist-themed terrorist attacks on the United States. Lastly, this essay will also answer why the fall of the Soviet Union… View Article

Oil contents

Using the principles of preventive maintenance can extend the overall functionality of a car. A basic way to make sure that a vehicle can perform daily travels is by always inspecting the conditions of the engine and the tires. One very important way to maintain good car performance is by always checking that the radiator… View Article

The Oil Industry: The Macroeconomic Outlook

Introduction The modern era that we are living in will not be the same without taking into consideration the effect that the oil industry has in our lives. Undoubtedly, oil has become such an intimate part of modern civilization that the line between “vital necessity” and “way of life” has often become blurred. It is… View Article

Is Oil Wealth curse or blessing for Gulf States?

It was 14 January 2008, Times reported as the world read President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, at Al Mushref Palace in Abu Dhabi presented a gift of solid gold sash studded with diamonds and other gems to President George W Bush. In an atmosphere of sprawling artifacts of… View Article

The Supply and Demand of Oil

Most people, especially the anti-American regime, blame George Bush as the main reason why oil prices in the international market has been increasing in the recent years. According to them, George Bush serves as an avenue for Iraq and its allies in the Middle East to cut their supply of oil in the world market… View Article

World Oil Price Increases: Detrimental or Beneficial

Oil price increases over the past years have been an issue is closely watched and debated because of its huge impacts around the world. For example, a report by the International Energy Agency (May 2004) deemed that “higher oil prices since 1999 – partly the result of OPEC supply-management policies – contributed to the global… View Article

The Effect of a Global Oil Shortage on the US Economy

Oil is a very important 21st century product. It is a vital source of energy, an irreplaceable transport fuel, and an essential raw material in many manufacturing processes. Crude oil is a source of great economic power. Since its production cost in many places is far below its selling price in world markets, the ownership… View Article

Oil and its Influences

The introduction of the new technological inventions to the world has also opened up a large industry on oil and monetary exchange. It could not be denied that the countries having oil reserves within their territories are the ones having the most significant influence on the worldwide economic situation. The said major countries include both… View Article

Investigatory Project

It is said that Lemon Grass is an excellent insect repellant. The ancients were familiar with this attribute. This action, bug repelling, does not carry the same punch that it did in the days of the Israelites. Egypt was fertile because it had good soil and lots of water. An abundance of water meant lots… View Article

Effect of supply and demand and gas in our lifetime

Oil has been an integral socio-economic vehicle which within the corporate scene remains a highly competitive socio-economic driver. Due to vast uses and demand, oil has become controversial and elastic in socio-politics. Here we see it causing socio constraints in oil producing countries and collapsing political institutions. Socially oil has a significant contribution in our… View Article

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a fat obtained from the olive, a traditional tree crop of the Mediterranean Basin. The oil is produced by grinding whole olives and extracting the oil by mechanical or chemical means. It is commonly used in cooking, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and soaps and as a fuel for traditional oil lamps. Olive oil is… View Article

Peak Oil

In recent years various scientists, among them petroleum engineer Jean Laherrere and petrogeologists Colin Campbell, have argued that global oil production would peak in the early 2000s. This is known as peak oil, the tipping point in which oil production begins to decline, and is based primarily upon the work of M. King Hubbert, a… View Article