Oedipus the King Essay Examples

The Role of Oracle in Oedipus the King

The downfall of Oedipus the King was fated by the Gods and he was unable to change his destiny. The first question in the play is the role of oracle or fate in human destiny. All actions of Oedipus were formed by a virulent divinity. For example, Oedipus was foretold by the Gods to kill… View Article

King Oedipus

* In one of the early Greek tragedies written by Sophocles in 470 BC, ‘Oedipus the King’ demonstrates the arrogance portrayed by human nature which he therefore turns away the obvious truth. This early Greek Myth shows the way in which Oedipus, the King of Thebes, is so arrogant in wanting the truth in regards… View Article

Production Criticism of Oedipus the King

The directorial concept of the play started with an overall picture of melancholy and a suggestion that the story is indeed a tragedy. The stage, as the foundation of the entire scene, has been designed to differentiate the levels of society, thus, it has different levels of platforms and steps, but leaving the center of… View Article

Oedipus the King

One of the most important literary devices used by Sophocles in his play Oedipus the King is what is known to modern critics as the “Greek Chorus. ” The chorus was an important part of Greek tragedy, not only in the plays of Sophocles, but in the work of many other playwrights as well. Sophocles,… View Article

Roles of Mothers in Tragic Plays

In tragic plays it appears that women, more specifically mothers like Gertrude of Hamlet and Jocasta of Oedipus the King, are plagued by decisions that are made with good intentions, but end up destroying their lives and the lives of people around them. Women are also under the burden of strict societal expectations when it… View Article

Tragedy and Revenge in Aristotle and Shakespeare’s Masterpiece

I. Introduction Tragedy is a play dealing with serious events, in which the leading character suffers because of his actions. It ends unhappily, usually with the hero’s death. Although no exact, detailed definition of tragedy has been agreed upon by critics, the term is commonly used to describe nonmusical dramatic works, not operas. The issues… View Article