Obesity Essay Examples

Negative effect of Computer on Children

Topic sentence: Regular use of computer can have negative effect on children. Cause 1: Danger of headache and vision problem * exposer to screen bright light * effect on vision and head Cause 2: long use of computer deprived children from outdoor activities -gain weight and obesity Cause 3: Use of computer may lead children… View Article

Organized Sport

It is obvious that the American society is obsessed with sports. All one needs to do to see this obsession is turn on the television and watch one of the dozens of twenty -four hour sports stations and commercials dedicated to sports. Still not convinced, then hop into your car and take a drive across… View Article

Sports are Necessary

Ask yourself, “Is there something beneficial that numerous local neighborhoods and large nations both commonly share? ” Likely, your brain isn’t listing sports as embracing such assets. Rather, you could be assessing sports as surpassing any other activity in regards to contentment or as a social pastime that involves to many injurious consequences to both… View Article

To determine obesity

To determine obesity the BMI score of the subject is compared to the standard table used and the percentile is taken (CDC, 2007) The BMI-for-age percentile is utilized to interpret the BMI score and one should note that BMI for the younger group is age and sex specific, this is so because amount of fat… View Article

Video game controversy

Technology has (had) come a long way since the early years of life. The use of technology to humans, is to enhance or improve whatever it may be to have a much quicker advancement or have a better and easy going lifestyle. But in the more recent years, technology has turned for the worst. Specifically… View Article

Hamburger – Nutrition

Do you like to eat fast food??? Nowdays people’s lives are becoming faster and faster. Because of a tight schedule, many people decide to eat fast food. Fast food is a western food. Fast food refers to any poor nutrition food that is easily prepared. Fast food may include chips, hot pies, sandwiches, burgers, kebabs,… View Article

Myocardial infarction

Fast food I believe that most of people have been heard about this name and have tried it until now. Fast food is the food that can be prepared and served very quickly, and it may refer to food sold in a restaurant or store with low quality preparation and served to the customer in… View Article

Is Bigger Always Better?

For centuries, a plump figure was considered attractive in both men and women.  Full figures suggested a life of ease and luxury.  Still today, children are taught that an older man in a red suit with a rounded midsection is jolly and approachable.  Some may even feel that a little fat around the belly is… View Article

No More Couch Potatoes

There is no doubt that there is too many obese people in this world, and that is clearly a problem, but we are focusing on the wrong things in our searching for a solution. It is not the overweight itself and the thinking of a better look when all the kilos are gone, no, it… View Article

Overweight Children

Being overweight is one of the major health problems among the youth of today. In the United States, the number of children becoming overweight is steadily increasing as they allot more time watching TV, playing video games, and surfing or chatting on the Internet (Nemours Foundation, n.d.). According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination… View Article

Systems Thinking and Obesity

From the time I was 6 years old I have wanted just one really personal thing for my life and that is to be thin. I was always the girl who thought she weighed more than anyone else in the class. I have been plagued my entire life by this overwhelming issue of being overweight…. View Article

Obesity and Consumerism in American Culture

America’s obesity and weight management problems have plagued health practitioners for decades. More recently, however, these same problems have been the subject of much interest among social scientists who were compelled to look at obesity as a social and cultural phenomenon. Apparently, obesity among Americans is not only a health problem but a “growing” social… View Article

Physical Activity and Obesity

Childhood and adolescent obesity are prevalent in the United States (Nowicka 23; Clemmens and Hayman 801). This prevalence has caused widespread alarm and concern, particularly with respect to adolescent girls. The article of Clemmens and Hayman systematically reviews research on the interventions aimed at increasing physical activity among adolescent girls, with the aim in mind… View Article

Causes of Obesity

In fact, obesity is usually caused by unhealthy eating combined with sustained lack of activity. When the amount of calories intake is larger than the amount you need for your daily activities, it will be stored as fat in your body. And the problem of obesity will gradually develop. You may wonder what the main… View Article