Nutrition Essay Topics

Health and Wellness in the Workplace

Thesis Statement: Health and Wellness programs in a workplace can benefit employees by helping them manage their physical and emotional health, reduce stress and provide a reward system program in the workplace. I. Introduction. II. Provide Nutrition Programs A. Manage employees physical & emotional health 1. Provide different seminars to manage different health issues. 2…. View Article

Veggie Noodles

V.Project Goal :The Project seeks to increase quality and quantity marketable processed agricultural products and assure healthy foods for the consumers in order to raise income and enjoy healthy life. VI. Targeted Benefits and Outcome : • Reduction in post-production cost per kilogram • Increased consumption of vegetables through affordable prices per kilogram • Provision… View Article

What is Nutrition?

Nutrition, nourishment, or aliment, is the supply of materials – food – required by organisms and cells to stay alive. In science and human medicine, nutrition is the science or practice of consuming and utilizing foods. A nutrient is a chemical that an organism needs to live and grow or a substance used in an… View Article

Nutritious Food

For good health, we need a balanced diet that gives us different nutrients in the amount our body needs. We must eat a variety of food because different foods have different combinations of nutrients. Therefore, nutritious food is needed in our food pyramid. Nutritious food is defined as food ingestion with the purpose of obtaining… View Article

Reaction Paper: Global Food and Beverage Industry

As years go by, population rises, not just here in the Philippines but also in other regions of the different continents. And when the number of people multiplies so does their needs when it comes to providing food in their tables. Of course, for a very long time the Global Food and Beverage Sector has… View Article

The Integrated Child Development Services

The Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Scheme is the world’s largest early child development program . Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) is the only major national program that addresses the needs of children under the age of six years. Because the health and nutrition needs of a child cannot be addressed in isolation from those… View Article

Science Report: Golden Rice

Genetically modified Golden Rice (GR) is a form of rice grain known as Oryza sativa, which has been genetically engineered to contain a pursued quantity of vitamin A. Uncooked GR has an attractive yellow to orange colour, which fades after cooking due to the loss of translucency of the starch in the grain. GR contains… View Article

The kung, shoshone, and Mbuti Tribes

As in many societies different groups of people are connected by similar traits. People of hunting and gathering societies also share similar qualities. Although the Kung, Shoshone, and Mbuti live in unique environments they still share numerous common characteristics because of there life styles. The Kung San and Shoshone make critical decisions in similar ways…. View Article

Nutritional adventurism

This article is about the effect of the show ‘MasterChef’ on the nutritional adventurism and culinary knowledge of children. The show is a reality game show about cooking, hosted by two chefs. The article explains how the show had appealed to young audiences. ‘MasterChef’, claims the article, has caused an increase in television ratings for… View Article

Eating Meat

Premise 1: Meat eating in humans is a natural phenomenon that has been practiced since prehistoric times, as evidenced by human dental structure and some scientific studies. Premise 2: Not eating meat can lead to various health problems unless there is a thorough understanding of the nutritional needs of the human body and the person… View Article

Organic vs. non organic

Organic vs. non organic There is a vast majority of food in our world today, when we consume this food we must stop to think about what exactly it is made of. In today’s society we are always looking for the best healthy foods that are available to us. We want good, nutritious, healthy foods… View Article

Organic vs Non-Organic

I. Introduction: Thesis Statement: People should consume organic foods because they have More nutritious, No pesticides are used on them, No hormones or antibiotics are used in their production A. Major Proposition or Premise (before because): People should consume organic foods B. 1st Minor Proposition or Premise (after because): More nutritious. C. 2nd Minor Proposition… View Article

Organic or Processed Food?

Abstract In our society today we are battling obesity and unhealthy processed foods. We are one of the only countries left in the world that lets our government put GMOs in our food that is sold to the public. When are we going to take a stand in this country and stop letting our government… View Article

Organic Food Speech

I have a question for you at the beginning of this speech. Who just eat organic food everyday? Obviously! According my research, which I gave the question to my friends. Most of them know about organic food, but only few of them just eat organic food which including the vegetable, meat and eggs and other… View Article

Malunggay and Spinach

I.Chapter I (Introduction) Background of the Study (Rationale) “He gives us that vast goodness of nature and vegetation is among those. As man propagates for abundance; he deserves to harbor tremendous benefits from it.” The discovery of herbal plants made the possible existence of modern medicine. Modern medicine makes use of these plants in making… View Article