Nursing Essay Topics

Watson’s Theory of Human Caring

A caring moment can be defined in many different ways by many different people. To me a caring moment between a patient and a nurse is when a nurse gives the patient their undivided attention. The nurse should take the time to listen to the patient and provide appropriate feedback reassuring the patient that they… View Article

Personal Philosophy of Nursing

Belief is the reflection of values that guides one to plan and set goals in their personal and professional Life. With this in mind, and that caring is the essence of nursing practice, my career path goals were outlined and focused on concept of education , health and care. My perspectives and beliefs about nursing… View Article

Florence Nightingale

The Polar Area Diagrams of Florence Nightingale If you read the article on Florence Nightingale in “The Children’s Book of Famous Lives”1 you will not learn that she had to battle with her parents to be allowed to study Mathematics. If you read the Ladybird book “Florence Nightingale”2 you will not discover that she was… View Article

Identifying Factors Which Affect the Job Satisfaction of Nurses

We live our lives aiming for satisfaction. The satisfaction we want to achieve can be from our studies, our business, our health status, our body image, or our jobs. In health care profession, the article “The Determinants Of Job Satisfaction Among Registered Nurses” discuss the contentment of nurses with their jobs. Job satisfaction has a… View Article

The Nature of Nursing Practice

Nursing practice, like medicine, is also governed with ethical principles by which they are expected to perform their duties. Indeed, the moral sense of their duty lies with in this context of ethical considerations which according to Anne Bishop and John Scudder is “to lift out the moral significance of their practice and to develop… View Article

Philosophy of Professional Nursing

Nursing as a profession includes a comprehensive strong set of principles, which should be understood and learned by each person, who decides to work in this field. Nursing philosophy, in my opinion, is not merely a philosophy of carative process, but also specific view on the patient. The present paper is designed to discuss my… View Article

Integration of Evidence-Based Practice Into Professional Nursing Practice

In this paper we will discuss the integration of evidence based practice into professional nursing practice. Scott & McSherry (2008) define evidence based practice as the combination of individual, clinical, or professional expertise with the best available external evidence to produce practice that is most likely to lead to positive outcomes for a patient. Despite… View Article

Patient Safety in Rural Nursing Because of Nursing Shortage

The United States is in the midst of a nursing shortage that is being increasingly discussed in the context of declining healthcare facilities in the nation. Over 1 in 7 hospitals (15%) report a severe RN nursing shortage with more than 20% of their nursing positions vacant and 80%-85% of hospitals report that they have… View Article

Ida Jean Orlando Nursing Theory

Ida Jean Orlando, an American of Italian descent was born in 1926. She received her nursing diploma from New York Medical College, Lower Fifth Avenue Hospital, School of Nursing, her BS in nursing from St. John’s University, Brooklyn, NY, and her MA in mental health nursing from Teachers College, Columbia University, New York. Orlando was… View Article

History of Black Nurses

Trained schools for students who wanted to pursue a career in nursing came about in the 1800s when Florence Nightingale advocated the idea. The only students that were accepted into these programs where white students, blacks were not allowed any education during this time. Blacks were not given equal rights as the white people, and… View Article

Ethics and Morality

Facing ethical conflicts and moral dilemmas are an everyday reality in nursing profession. Examples of ethical conflicts and moral dilemmas in health care are euthanasia confidentiality. These bioethical dilemmas are affecting health care professionals, specifically the nurses. The term Euthanasia is from a Greek word for “good death” and in English it means an “easy… View Article

Critique of Jean Watson’s Theory

The Theory of Human Caring was written by Jean Watson. This model consists of ten carative factors to assist nurses with caring for their patients. Dr. Watson calls this a transpersonal relationship. Watson defines transpersonal care ‘as the capacity of one human being to receive another human being’s expression of feelings and to experience those… View Article

Competencies Differences Between ADN and BSN

Florence Nightingale was a nurse who started the nursing training programme in 1860 after the Crimean War. During that war, a lot of women committed themselves to give care for the sick and dying soldiers. The success in their work was evidenced by reduction in mortality and improved prognosis among those injured in the war…. View Article

Mentoring and Assessing

Over the last decade the National Health Service (NHS) has continued its drive to optimise health outcomes, reduce health inequalities and conform to nationally agreed best practice in order to provide a more patient centred service. Accordingly, the present culture needed to adapt in a way as to encourage and strengthen clinical leadership and develop… View Article

Economics Health Care

Many skilled nursing facilities have used a modified functional nursing structure, with a registered nurse leading in care planning and supervision, a licensed vocational nurse giving medication and some treatments, and nursing assistants performing hygienic and activities-of-daily-living tasks. With a new emphasis on rehabilitation of their changing and ever more acutely client population, they have… View Article