Nurse Essay Topics

Nurse symbolises

In contrast to these three characters, the next characters show the opposition facing the accusations. Firstly I will discuss the protagonist of the play – John Proctor, whom I have already mentioned. Proctor is a steady man, in whose presence “a fool felt his foolishness instantly”. He is described as “a man in his prime,… View Article

Romeo And Juliet

Act 3 scene 5 is set in Juliet’s bedroom. It starts with Romeo and Juliet in bed together talking about the nightingale and how that it is not yet daylight. “Wilt thou be gone? It is not yet near day”. At this point in the play it would be one of the last times Romeo… View Article

Romeo and Juliet

As you are my drama teacher, I am writing to inform you that I have been chosen to play the role of Juliet in the forthcoming 21st century film ‘Romeo and Juliet’. I am extremely pleased to have been chosen to play such an important role and I am writing to request some of your… View Article

The Nursing Shortage and the Nursing Work Environment

1. Introduction 1.1 Nursing as challenging profession: significant physical and psychological demands on nurses of all levels 1.2 Qualified nurses as the core key to success in the delivery of healthcare services 1.3 Qualified nursing staff, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other essential healthcare services as contribution to modern world Problem Statement 2.1 The current… View Article

Role Of A Nursing Faculty Member

Introduction The basic role of a nursing faculty member is to teach nursing skills to students effectively. The knowledge, skills and values acquired by the learners must be put into clinical practice. It is therefore the duty of the faculty member to impart practical skills to the students. There has been a debate on the… View Article

The Role of a Nursing Practitioner

Introduction The Department of Health Services and Social Safety (2006), applies palliative care services which aims to achieve the best quality of life possible for patients and their family through active identification, holistic assessment and appropriate management of problems, when progressive advanced disease is not responsive to curative treatment.             There are over a half… View Article

The Whistleblower Protection Act

The Whistleblower Protection Act was designed to provide legal safety measures to individuals occupying positions in the federal government who reveal questionable and unlawful operations within the government agencies.  The Act thus shelters the employee that has disclosed the information so that he will remain protected from any biased actions that may be executed by… View Article

Theory and Evidence-Based Practice of Nursing

Introduction Evidence-based nursing is acknowledged as an approach to nursing care that guides to enhance patient outcomes. Qouting McEwen (2002) Kelly L. Penz and Sandra L. Bassenski pointed out that in nursing practice, formalities, remote, unsystematic clinical experiences and ungrounded opinions, and traditions as the basis of practice should be de-emphasized by incorporating into clinical… View Article

Theory Of Caring In Nursing

INTRODUCTION In latest years more than a few issues pertinent to the expansion of nursing information have been addressed. These comprise of uncovering experiences considered innermost to nursing and the nursing theories and models that have stemmed from them (Meleis 1997, Fawcett 1993, 1995, Chinn & Kramer 1995). Caring as an imperative perception within nursing… View Article

Theoretical approach for parents of children with autism

A therapist needs to finalize on the theoretical approach he or she intends to have for the group, at the early stages of group formation. This approach is selected based on the existing psychological problems, and helps the therapist to identify goals and work towards that. The therapist interprets the observations in the group, based… View Article

Theorist Critique

Background.             The contribution of Hildegard Peplau to theories on nursing, especially on psychiatric nursing practice, is widely recognized (Barker, 1998). In a period of forty years, Peplau was able to provide valuable insights as to the broad range of roles that a nurse can play, both in general and particular aspects, of psychotherapeutic nursing… View Article

An Application of Jean Watson’s Theory of Transpersonal Caring to Nursing Practice

Introduction Essentially, the Caring theory of Jean Watson is oriented towards human science and focuses on the humanitarian aspect of caring processes, occurrences and experiences. It also grounded on a unitary perspective and interconnectedness with elements such as an individual with its community. The caring theory embraces one-sided, philosophical and interpretative as well as objective-empirical… View Article

A Critique of Jean Watson’s Theory of Transpersonal Caring

Different views of nursing gave rise to the formulation of various nursing theories that contribute greatly to the advancement and evolution of the nursing profession as a whole. Some focus on the curative nature of nursing, while others revolve around the social and ethical aspect of the profession that complements conventional medicine. Among the latter… View Article

Transcultural Nursing Theory

In the era of globalization, cultural and ethical differences become apparent in nursing practice. New cultural requires medical staff to adjust their strategic thinking and adapt to rapid cultural changes. Medical staff can only perform effectively through interactions with the broader external environment of which it is part. In this case, transcultural care and universality… View Article

A Review of Abraham Verghes’ My Own Country

Introduction             Nursing transcends cultures and geographical boundaries. With the emergence of a lot of medical conditions in the world, nurses and even doctors have a lot of stories to share with each other concerning the way they treat patients. Some of these stories are common while some are more peculiar than others. When those… View Article