Nitrogen Essay Topics

Impact of nitrogen and phosphorous inputs on water quality

Both Nitrogen and Phosphorous are necessary in agriculture for a farmer to achieve optimum yields in most crops, they have to use fertilizer which often contains either nitrogen or phosphorous. Despite their importance, these elements in excess can affect the environment adversely. Eutrophication is enhanced when nitrogen and phosphorous are in excess in surface waters… View Article

Essay on Pollution in Pakistan

?As the world is incessantly changing, there are many attributes which are leading towards a prosperous life but on the contrary, some problems are spreading of great magnitude; one of them is pollution. Pakistan is one of the developing countries which are sustaining the pollution problem. Traffic congestion is one of the main causes of… View Article

The Neolithic and Industrial Revolutions

The two changes in the use of the earth’s resources that had the greatest effect on the world population were the Neolithic and the industrial revolutions. The Neolithic revolution (a.k.a. agricultural revolution) was a change in the way of life of our ancestors. It took place about 8000 years ago among various tribes in Asia… View Article

Does a plant grow bigger if watered with milk?

The question being asked here would be “Does a plant grow bigger if watered with milk? Or water? ” In my opinion the answer would be milk because milk contains vitamins and calcium that water does not have, but the answer is to be found out later during the project. Well, it is known that… View Article

Dissolved Oxygen

Oxygen in Liquids (DISSOLVED OXYGEN) Dissolved Oxygen – the amount of dissolved oxygen in a body of water as an indication of the degree of the health of water and its ability to support a balanced aquatic ecosystem. Oxygen – is a clear, colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that dissolves in water. Small but important… View Article