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Nicknames of Mathematicians, Biologists, Chemists, Physicists, and Physicians

Father of Experimental Science

Father of Biology, Father of Zoology, The Learned, Pope of Philosophy

The Learned

Marie François Bichat
Founder of Histology

Robert Boyle
Father of Chemistry, Father of Scientific Chemistry

Robert Wilhelm Bunsen
Father of the Bunsen Burner

Luther Burbank
Plant Magician, Plant Wizard

George Washington Carver
Father of Chemurgy, Plant Doctor

Baron Georges Cuvier
Founder of Comparative Anatomy, Founder of Paleontology

Charles Darwin
Great Naturalist

Lee De Forest
Father of Radio

The Abderite, Laughing Philosopher

Abraham De Moivre
Father of Analytic Trigonometry

René Descartes
Father of Analytic Geometry, Father of Modern Philosophy

Father of Algebra

Albert Einstein
Father of Relativity

Father of Geometry

Pierre de Fermat
Father of the Modern Theory (of Numbers)

Galen (Claudius Galenus)
Father of Experimental Physiology, Great Eclectic

Robert Hutchings Goddard
Father of Modern Rocketry and Space Flight

Thomas Graham
Father of Colloid Chemistry

Greatest of Amateur Scientists

William Harvey
Father of Modern Physiology

Father of Modern Medicine

John Hunter
Father of Scientific Surgery

Thomas Henry Huxley

Edward Jenner
Father of Vaccination, Father of Immunology

Friederick von Stradonitz Kekule
Father of the Structure theory of organic chemistry, Father of the structure formulas of organic molecules

Antoine Laurent Lavoisier
Father of Modern Chemistry

Anton van Leeuwenhoek
Father of Microbiology

Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibnitz
“Aristotle of the 17th Century”

James Lind
Father of Naval Hygiene

Carolus Linnaeus
Beloved botanist, Father of Modern Systematic Botany, Father of Modern Taxonomy, Little Botanist

Marcello Malpighi
Father of Microscopic Anatomy

James Clark Maxwell
Founder of Electromagnetic Theory

Glovanni Battista Morgagni
Father of Pathological Anatomy

Isaac Newton
The Priest of Nature

Hermann Oberth
Father of Space Travel

J. Robert Oppenheimer
Equivocal Hero of Science, Father of the Atom Bomb, Troubled Pied Piper of Los Alamos

Ambroise Paré
Father of Surgery

Louis Pasteur
Father of Bacteriology, Father of Vaccination, Founder of Microbiology, Founder of Preventive Medicine

Sage of Samos, The Samian Sage

Walter Reed
Doctor in Uniform

Bertrand Russell
The Passionate Skeptic

Ernest Rutherford
Father of Nuclear Science

Andrey Dmitiyevich Sakharov
Father of (Russian) Hydrogen Bomb

Thomas Sydenham
English Hippocrates, Father of Clinical Medicine.

Edward Teller
Father of the (American) Hydrogen Bomb

Father of Botany

Andreas Vesalius
Father of Anatomy

Rudolf Virchow
Father of Pathology, Founder of Cellular Pathology

Theodore Von Karman
Father of Supersonic Flight

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