Newton’s Essay Topics

Hypothesis through research

Introduction This investigation aims to find the value of Young’s Modulus for a specific material, in this case nylon fishing line. Young’s Modulus (E) is a measure of a material’s stiffness, determined by the formula: The standard unit of measure for Young’s Modulus is the pascal (Pa). 1 pascal is the same measure as 1… View Article

Why is Sir Isaac Newton

Why pick a scientist over someone who has contributed to any other field of endeavour? Look at the evidence: here is a person who discovered the universal law of why “what goes up must come down”, the explanation of the colours of a rainbow; and a method of calculation with applications in far reaching areas… View Article

What affects the stopping distance of a vehicle?

Aim: – To carry out an experiment to show us what affects the stopping distance of a small wooden trolley when it is pulled back a certain distance by an elastic catapult and has varying brake force. I could have chosen many different variables from the following- weight of the brakes, weight of the trolley,… View Article

Perform an experiment

I am going to perform an experiment on friction and the variables of friction using a wooden block, a piece of string and a Newton meter. I will test 3 variables: weight, surface area and surface texture. Each test will be repeated 5 times to get a fair range of results. Friction is the force… View Article

How surface area of vanes effect

Hypothesis – I predict that by increasing the surface area of the vanes on the wind vane, I will increase the air resistance therefore slowing the rate at which the weight will drop. Primary Work – If a piece of paper and a marble are in free fall, they will fall at the same speed,… View Article