New Mexico Essay Topics

Native Americans in the United States

The Navajo’s land was very precious. They lived in a huge expanse of land. They lived in large chunks of Utah and Arizona. They also inhabited small parts of Colorado and New Mexico. They had a similar climate all year around. The climate was arid to semi-arid. They had very hot summers and very cold… View Article

Cultural Identity Interview and Analysis

An interview with a member of the Mexican American community was conducted on December 1st, 2007. This research will provide a summary of that interview; particularly, it will include a description of the rules, norms, traditions, and values of Mexican American culture. The research will also discuss: a) how the assumptions regarding cultural norms affect… View Article

Hispanic American Freewrite (Movie Post Thoughts)

The video we saw during class was interesting and it caught my attention since I can relate to what was being said. There was talk about Hispanic Americans and how each generation lived differently. But the main thing I took from the video was the idea of America being an international country; a nation of… View Article

Mexicans and Discrimination

Wetback, spic and beaner are a few of the words people use when talking about a Mexican. Mexican Americans have been the victim of discrimination throughout the history of the United States. Mexicans have a very big stereotype against them. One of the main reasons that they are discriminated against is because of their illegal… View Article

Migration and Integration: African Americans and Mexican Americans in the U.S.

A number of African Americans and Mexican Americans gradually migrated into the United States with the development of agriculture in the country. Although the reasons for their migration were different, the African Americans and Mexican Americans share similar situations as they tried to integrate into American society. The choice to migrate into the US was… View Article

Mexican American Youth

The Chicano power movement of the 1960’s is characterized by Carlos Munoz, jr. as a movement led by the decedents of Mexican Americans who pressed for assimilation. These young people, mostly students, became tired of listening to school rhetoric that stressed patriotism when they were being discriminated against outside the classroom. Unlike their parents, the… View Article

Becoming Mexican American

Becoming Mexican American is George J. Sanchez’s document how Chicanos survived as a community in Los Angeles during the first part of the twentieth century. He goes into detail of how many thousands of Mexicans were pushed back in to Mexico during a formal repatriation. Those that survived in Los Angeles joined labor unions and… View Article

Amy Lowell’s Biography

Amy Lowell was born on February 9, 1874 at Brookline, Massachusetts. Her parents were Augustus Lowell, a prominent businessman and Katherine Bigelow Lowell. She was the youngest among the five children and she was first educated at home by an English governess. Her first education is not successful since she suffered difficulties in spelling. Amy… View Article