New England Essay Topics

The Play the Crucible is set in New England

A Crucible is a melting pot in which metals are melted together to form a pure metal. Miller’s characters represent these impure metals from Danforth’s eyes, as he came to determine Abigail’s accusations. Miller allows the reader to see how it was believed that the Bible should be interpreted in one way. This belief made… View Article

Settling the Northern Colonies

The Protestant Reformation Produces Puritanism Martin Luther . He declared that the Bible alone was the source of God’s words. He started the “Protestant Reformation.” John Calvin He spelled out his doctrine in 1536 called Institutes of the Christian Religion. He formed Calvinism. King Henry VIII formed the Protestant Church. There were a few people… View Article

New England

Around the 1600’s, New England started to develop a drastic population growth. This growth caused several problems for the occupants including, high prices on food, land, and a shortage of work for many because of the aggressive competition. Immigrants from New England began to prepare for a voyage that would be beneficial for some travelling… View Article

Myths that Hide the American Indian

Nearly everyone in this world is guilty of stereotyping against a certain race, religion, ethnic group, nationality, etc. One of those groups that are stereotyped is the Native Americans. Ever since the Europeans “discovered” the New World, there have myths about the Native Americans that lead to this stereotyping. In the essay, “Myths That Hide… View Article

Native Americans in the United States and European Colonists

Early encounters between American Indians and European colonists led to a variety of relationships among the different cultures. Analyze how the actions taken by BOTH American Indians and European colonists shaped those relationships in TWO of the following regions. Confine your answer to the 1600’s. Early relationships between American Indians and European colonists differed among… View Article

Era of Good Feelings

The Era of Good Feelings was the title of the period after the war of 1812 between the years of 1815 and 1825. The accuracy of this label however, is not accurate. During this era the United States of America were in a period of economic problems, political turbulence, and a mixture of rapid expansion… View Article

Sherman Alexie’s “On the Amtrak from Boston to New York City”

It does not seem hard to understand the basic theme that is present in “On the Amtrak from Boston to New York City” by Sherman Alexie. Many Native Americans today are forced to assimilate into the American culture leaving behind their traditions and values in order to be successful in America. If they do not… View Article

Puritan Influence 1630’s -1660’s

In the 1600s, when America was a mysterious land inhabited by even more mysterious people, a handful of brave souls ventured to this strange new world. These brave souls were known as the Puritans. This special group of people sought refuge in America to practice their religion freely, without the ‘corruption of the church’ back… View Article