Network Essay Topics

ICT sysyems

Communication is very essential and important when it comes down to using ICT for Thomas Telford Bowling organisation. E-mail is used in able to contact the head office in Burton who they need to stay in touch with. Telephones are also used for the Head office, to deal with customers and suppliers. Keypads and monitors… View Article

Identify and fully describe the main developments

1. Identify and fully describe the main developments of Operating Systems, giving examples of their origins and use. Batch Operating Systems were an early operating system available, and were first introduced in the mid 50’s. They were designed to make human manual work easier; humans were replicating identical jobs over and over again, hence in… View Article

Network diagram

Dave employs a firm of accountants to help manage with the financial side of the business, with a junior member of the accountancy firm coming in to the business at the end of each month to oversee the books. Due to the way Dave is running his business his affairs are becoming cumbersome and involve… View Article

WANs in Organisations

1. WHY ARE WANS USED? Wide Area Networks, or WANs as they’re commonly known, are networks with the ability to span quite a distance; usually 5 kilometres or more. The main reason for any network usually to allow the sharing of resources and WANs are no exception to this; whether it is sharing resources with… View Article

TV Network Studio

“Good morning and thanks for joining us on the Now: TV News Network. Welcome to Daybreak, the UK’s Number 1 morning news show. I’m Anna Collins” “And I’m Ricky Brown. A very good morning to you if your just waking up, the time is 8 o’clock. Lets go straight to Tony in the Now TV… View Article

The Social Network

Darth Vader chose power over his love for Padme. He states that would rather rule the galaxy than raise a family with his wife. Due to his lust of power, he has lost morality to gain a higher status. Darth Vader disposes all of his potential threats, such as the younger Jedi’s, so that they… View Article

Communication Cost

In some cases, the commercial cost of data transmission may be more important the time cost. Commercial organisations often prefer to transmit data over low capacity lines which they own as opposed to using public, high capacity lines that have usage charges. The routing algorithms do not have to use just one metric to determine… View Article

IDS compares

These techniques usually base their performance on two detection paradigms as the main attacks in spite of whether they are network or hot based architecture. Some of these models are the misuse detection models and anomaly detection models. The misuse detection model, the IDS compares the new sequences of the parameters in the input. The… View Article

Encryption and network security

Honeynets: Observing Hackers’ Tools, Tactics and Motives in a Controlled Environment Solutions to hacker attacks are usually fixes that are developed when damage has been done. Honeynets were solely developed to catch and monitor threats (i. e. a probe, scan or attack). They are designed to gather extensive data about the threats. These data are… View Article

Topic Local Area Network LAN

Introduction “Local Area Network, LAN, is a data communications network connecting terminals, computers, and printers within a building or other geographically limited areas” (Haugdahl, 1999, p. 76). These devices may be connected through wired cables or wireless links. LAN is usually owned by an individual or a single entity such as an organization, and the… View Article

Legal uses of peer-to-peer network

A peer-to-peer network is a decentralized computer network that relies mostly on the resources of equal peers instead of a few powerful servers. Such networks can be used for many things, for example sharing files, real-time data and telephony traffic. Peer-to-peer network there are no dedicated clients or servers, but instead all the peers can… View Article

Platform-Mediated Networks

Platform-mediated  networks  include  users, whose  interactions  are  related  to  the  network  effects, including  intermediaries  who  make  available  a  platform  that  aids  users’  interactions. Such  networks  involve  a  large  and  growing  share  of  the global  economy  which  are as  different  as  video  games, postal  delivery, credit  cards, fuel  cell-powered  cars, instant  messaging, web  search, real  estate… View Article

Network Protocols and Applications

Introduction Information technology is a tool that enables information transfer between premises in a network. The benefits of such technology are unquestionably important as it helps a company to manage their resources efficiently and lessen the decision making process. Furthermore, information technology (IT), a network design plays important role in determining a success of transmitting… View Article

P2P File Sharing Issues

Ardenghi, Jorge and Javier Echaiz. “Peer-to-peer systems: the present and the future. ” Journal of Computer Science & Technology 198 (2007). This article is a broad discussion of peer-to- peer systems, which include topics on structures, characteristics, protocols, challenges, drawbacks and the future of the technology. It traces back the beginnings of P2P file sharing,… View Article