Netflix Essay Topics

Netflix Risks

Netflix was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Los Gatos, California. Netflix is a company that provides online movie rental subscription services in the United States. The company offers its subscribers access to a library of movie, television, and other filmed entertainment titles on digital versatile disc (DVD) and Blu-Rays. Its members can get… View Article

Netflix’s Business Model and Strategy

Netflix is the largest subscription service for sending DVD’s by mail and streaming movies and TV episodes over the internet. Netflix’s revenues grew from $500 million in 2004 to $519.8 million in 2010. Company’s net income increased from $21.6 million in 2004 to $141-156 million in 2010. It attracted 1.6 million subscribers in 2004 and… View Article

Netflix Case Analysis

Netflix was founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings, founder and CEO. Prior to this, Hastings founded Pure Software in 1991 and led several acquisitions that allowed Pure Software to become one of the top 50 largest software companies in the world. In 1999, Hastings launched the online subscription service and led Netflix to a subscriber… View Article

Netflix Business Risks

For a low monthly price Netflix allows their customers not only to streamline videos on their mobile devices and computers but also choose from a wide variety of DVD’s. This allows for the consumer to watch as much which is beneficial for someone that has a busy schedule and would like to go back and… View Article

Netflix: Entering a Brave New World

With more than 30 million streaming members in the United States, Canada, Latin America, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Nordics, Netflix, Inc. is the world’s leading internet subscription service for enjoying unlimited movies and TV shows. For one low monthly price, Netflix members can instantly watch movies and TV programs streamed over the internet… View Article

Case Study Analysis Netflix

Summary The CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings had a vision to provide home movie service which would be more enjoyable and satisfying to the customers, as opposed to the traditional rental of home movies. As this idea came in the late nineties, it was something innovative and had great potential. The operational strategy and business… View Article

Failure Analysis Strategy Change

Movies have always been a past time enjoyed by many. As the technology continues to grow, many video stores are going out of business and digital or online movies are rising in popularity. Blockbuster Video and Netflix are businesses that have been affected by these changes. Blockbuster opened in 1985 with the mission statement of… View Article

Video Game Console

Introduction This three year strategic marketing plan for the Alpha System has been created by its founders to secure additional funding for growth and to inform employees of the company’s direction. The first year of the marketing plan will be a tactical/guerilla approach to marketing with certain objectives and goals to meet. Even though Alpha… View Article

Netflix and Consumer Behavior Trends

Netflix, Inc. is a subscription-based movie and television show rental service that offers media to it’s subscribers through on-demand internet streaming and DVD-by-mail service. Since its start in 1997, Netflix has taken the movie rental world by storm, becoming the world’s largest online movie rental service. As of January 2013 Netflix had a total of… View Article

Failure Analysis/Change Strategy

While there is no guarantee of the success of a business, there are indicators that can be learned from analyzing organizations that have failed to those that succeed. In this paper, we compare two organizations, Blockbuster Video and Netflix that exemplify effects of leadership, vision, strategy and planning, and the importance of customer satisfaction that… View Article

Netflix Analysis

Summary According to Boogren (2013), the video rental industry has changed in the past decade due to the development of IT technology. Customers have more opportunities to choose different ways to catch the TV programs, movies or shows if they want, it could be from a traditional way like brick-and-mortar stores such as Blockbuster, an… View Article

Streaming Media and Netflix

Netflix’s main issue is they face increased market competition from new entrants into their industry. In addition, Netflix suffers poor relationships with suppliers, which interferes with their ability to meet market demands leading to increased costs and the need to increase prices. This affects Netflix’s ability to increase market share, and maintaining core values, resulting in… View Article

Major Shifts in Netflix Strategy

Compare Blockbuster’s and Netflix’s profit models and value proposition prior to the establishment of Blockbuster online: Blockbuster’s Value Proposition and Profit Models: • By establishing over 5000 locations to represent “70% of the U. S. population by a 10 minute drive,” Blockbuster’s value proposition is its convenience by geographic location. The physical convenience as well… View Article

Netflix Case Analysis

Netflix was the first company to create an online DVD movie rental service. The service has created a new ‘movie’ market niche which has secured them a competitive ‘first-mover’ advantage in this new ‘high-tech’ venture. The popularity of the service has sparked the interest of market competitor Blockbuster who may become a growing threat to… View Article

Case Study:, Inc

SUMMARY:, the world’s largest online DVD rental company, was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in 1997, and is headquartered in Los Gatos, California. The company started its online DVD rental business by launching, offering pay-per-DVD rental services by delivering DVDs via mail. As the company prospered during late 1999, Netflix replaced… View Article