Nazism Essay Topics

Problems with Nazi Support

Using your own knowledge and the evidence of the sources identify the problems we face when looking to identify Nazi support in the period up to 1933. In the 1932 Reichstag elections, the NSDAP became Germany’s largest political party with approximately 37% of the total electoral vote. In contrast to the relatively small party of… View Article

The impact of Nazi ideology on the Social Classes

When Hitler came to power in 1933, his aim was to create a genuine German Volk. In order to command such a social revolution it was important for him to win and maintain the support of the people he was to be ruling. Hitler’s revolutionary ideas were relentlessly put forward and enforced over the twelve… View Article

Nietzsche and the Nazis

The word “Nazi” has been recalled with feelings of regret, fear, horror and the threat of violent crimes throughout human history. However, nothing can conceal or change the reality of the period of Nazi Weltanschauung and its consequences for humanity and culture. It was a deep refreshment of German souls as the Aryan race and… View Article

How far was The Final Solution a long term plan of nazi racial policy

Initially, it was believed that Hitler was the all-powerful Fuhrer who had no fear of being contradicted by the rest of his party; and therefore, the events that followed his rise to power were intentional from the very beginning. This supports Dawidowicz’s view that the Final solution could be traced back to Mein Kampf, however,… View Article

The German Churches and the Nazi regime

Explain why the Catholic Church moved from a position of co-operation to a position of conflict with the Nazi regime in the years 1933 to ’39? In Hitler’s rise to power he avoided direct attacks on the Churches and number 24 of his 25 point plan spoke in favour of ‘positive Christianity’ which was closely… View Article

Examination Question on The Domestic policies of the Nazi state

How successful were Nazi methods to indoctrinate and control the German people? (30 marks) From the moment the Enabling Act has been passed, the Nazi regime has effectively been turned into a dictatorial one. Indeed, at the beginning of Hitler’s rise to power a vast population of Germany was engaged with nationalist politics believing it… View Article

Hitler’s Economic Policies

At the start of the period, Hitler had to deal with a number of problems-when the /Nazis came to power the German economy was not in a very good state and Hitler had this as his foremost concern. However, with the recovery of the economy came a clearer focus on preparation for war, and after… View Article

How Successful Were The Nazi Party In Carrying Out Their Aims

During the 13 years they were in power, the Nazi party put forward a lot of opportunities and propaganda that would encourage children to be inspired and take part in the National Socialist movement. These were also aimed to turn young boys in to selfless, strong soldiers and young women in to the soldiers of… View Article

To what extent was Hitler ‘a weak dictator?’

There is a significant historical debate over the strength of Adolf Hitler’s leadership and his position as a dictator, but it is fair to say that despite some clear weaknesses in his leadership style he was in fact a strong, rather than a weak, dictator. In order to understand why this is the case it… View Article

Hitler’s actions while he was ruler of the Third Reich

Introduction There are two schools of thought on Hitler’s actions while he was ruler of the Third Reich. One says he has a blueprint of all his intended achievements1 which is based upon Mein Kampf, his autobiography written in the 1920s while the other believes that Hitler did not have any concrete plans which he… View Article

Hunting alleged Nazi war criminals

I can’t say if hunting Nazi war criminals is worth it, but I can give my opinion and it is up to you to make up your own mind. By the end of reading this, you should have come to some conclusion. I believe it is not worth hunting alleged Nazi war criminals, anymore. I… View Article

A Brief Analysis of the Second World War

1. What do sources 1 and 2 reveal about some reasons why civilians made up so many of the causalities of World War II? * In urban areas. Aerial bombing. People put themselves in danger to try and help others.  In source 1, the nurses are risking their lives try to find any survivors after… View Article

The Holocaust

The term holocaust was coined in a general context, to describe  the brutal killing of  European jews during the second Woerld War, this was part of the National Socialist devised and employed extensive campaign to intentionally abolish jewish presence in Germany at the time.  Conversely, numerous scholars and historians only apply the term to the… View Article