Natural gas Essay Topics

The Split Personality of Hydraulic Fracturing

There is wide agreement among most experts and the public that the current energy sources we use in the United States are in need of a replacement. Reliance on the fossil fuels of coal and oil are problematic for at least two reasons: their negative impact on the environment (both in extraction and their use)… View Article


“Fracking,” or hydraulic fracturing, is a controversial technology that was originally developed over 60 years ago. It allows us to obtain oil and hydrocarbons from otherwise inaccessible underground locations by drilling thousands of feet into the Earth and intentionally fracturing the shale. The oils and hydrocarbons are collected and then refined into pipeline quality natural… View Article

Shale gas

Would you make if you were Jane Barrow? Why that one? If I were Jane Barrow, I would suggest shale gas as the best. Since the industrial, electric power and residential make a large contribution for the use of natural gas, the stakeholder in these parts are very important. After multiattribute risk analysis, the chart… View Article

Steps in the Fracking Process

Step 6: Once the drilling gets about 500 feet above the shale formation, a downhole drilling motor with sophisticated measuring instruments begins the angle drilling creating a new horizontal path into the shale formation. Step 6: Once the drilling gets about 500 feet above the shale formation, a downhole drilling motor with sophisticated measuring instruments… View Article

Hydraulic Fracking

This paper explores the hydraulic fracturing process, exactly what it is, what the fracturing process does to the earth and the surrounding environment in addition, to the consequences. Hydraulic fracturing is fracturing of rock by pressurization. This process by which oil and natural gas can be forced from the earth. The hydraulic fracturing process takes… View Article

Natural Resources

Natural resources are useful materials or substances that exist in the environment like land, water, sun, trees, oil, minerals, etc. Natural resources are generally classified as renewable resources and non-renewable resources. Resource depletion means exhaustion of natural resources in a certain region. When the rate of consumption of these resources exceeds the rate at which… View Article

International Technical Certificate

The oil and gas industry uses an array of marine vessels and structures, such as FPSO, FSU, FSO and LNG FSRU. • Marine hazards include extremes of weather, accelerated corrosion, the proximity of other vessels, hazardous substances, cargo and personnel transfer operations, and piracy. • Loading and unloading of vessels at marine terminals needs to… View Article

My aim in life

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.” This is a translated quote from my loving grandmother. Life should be tied into aims to achieve happiness. I believe we must have an aim in life, or our life might become full of regrets and disappointment. Like all other successful people in the… View Article

How can alternative sources of energy be harnessed effectively?

Sample: Introduction of ‘How can alternative sources of energy be harnessed effectively?’ Nowadays, the world tends to be smaller due to rapidly development of advance technologies which provide convenience life to mankind. People seem to focus more on improving their living standard while ignoring their quality of life and environmental well being. More people just… View Article

British Petroleum Analysis

Introduction William Knox D’Arcy founded BP plc, formerly known as British Petroleum, in 1909, they are a global company specializing in oil and gas, headquartered in London, England. BP has continued to grow since its inception, and now employs over 80 thousand people in 70 countries worldwide (Company History,N.D.para1). According to CNN money BP is… View Article

Energy Needs

Fracking or hydraulic fracturing is a method used to extract valuable gasses from rock formations in the earth. Some of these gasses include shale gas, tight gas and petroleum. In South Africa fracking is used to extract shale gas in the Karoo. Shale gas is a natural gas that forms when air is captured in… View Article

Coal, Petroleum and Natural Gas

Select one type of fossil fuel (Coal, Petroleum or Natural Gas) and one type of renewable energy resource (Solar power, Wind power, Hydropower, Geothermal power, or Biomass). Research and record the information in the chart. If you would prefer to use a different format to present this information, that is fine; however, you must include… View Article

Importance of Biogas plant

The energy prospect is generally assessed on the basis of available commercial sources of energy i.e., fossil fuel like gas, coal, oil etc. Worldwide, there is a major transition underway in the energy sector. Biogas can be a potential source of renewable energy, Residues from biogas also proven as a significant source of organic fertilizer…. View Article