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Native Americans Essay Examples

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Pocahontas and the Powhatan Dilemma Review

This book was the bases and the most informative piece I have seen on a review of Pocahontas life in my perspective. Pocahontas life is a difficult piece of history to analysis for the fact that her life is only denoted by other persons of history writings. She has no known piece of writing of…

The Native American Experience

Life on the Spokane Indian Reservation is filled with shattered dreams and lost Indian souls drowning the sorrows of their people in alcohol. Reservation Blues, a novel by Sherman Alexie, depicts the story of an unlikely group of Indians coming together to chase their dreams with the help of a magic guitar, Big Mom, and…

What You Pawn I Will Redeem

I found Sherman Alexie’s “What You Pawn I Will Redeem” particularly interesting in terms of style and voice. The narrator seems very nonchalant about all of the events that occur in the story. The main premise is that the narrator, Jackson, a homeless Native American, finds his grandmother’s regalia in a pawnshop and aims to…



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The Forced Assimilation of Native Americans

One of the more horrible and lesser known aspects of the Europeans colonization of the United States is the destruction of numerous Native American societies and cultures. With whites feeling that Native Americans were on “their” land, the United States tried to force the Native Americans to assimilate to white people in the United States….

Expansion Essay

There were two presidents that did a great deal for our country in the area of expansion. These two presidents are Thomas Jefferson and James K. Polk. Though they had completely different policies on expansion and foreign affairs, both of them vastly expanded the country. Jefferson was a believer in the Monroe Doctrine which basically…

European contact with native North Americans

On October 12, 1492, the loud words ring across the deck “Land Ho”. After 70 long days at sea a tattered bunch of sea dogs jump down into a small rowboat and work there way ashore. The man in charged is named Christopher Columbus. Have you ever wondered what the impact was on the Native…

“The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation” By John Ehle

Author John Ehle has written a book that follows the struggles of the early Cherokee people that were torn between the ways of their ancestors and the new régimes that some of their people want to follow. The Cherokee people were confused with how to adapt to their surroundings and to claim their own rights…

Pathos for the Native American Indian

“Brother, our seats were once large, and yours were very small; you have now become a great people, and we have scarcely a place left to spread our blankets; you have got our country, but are not satisfied; you want to force you religion upon us” (177) Long before the white man appeared, Native Americans…

The Early Explorer’s Journals

Christopher Columbus and Samuel de Champlain were two of the most influential explorers in the history of the Americas. Columbus “discovered” the area near Caribbean Islands while Champlain explored the St. Lawrence Seaway. Their journals were very similar in the way they described what the two explorers saw. Yet they have some differences as well….

French vs. British treatment of Native Americans

North America experienced a great wave of immigration a few hundred years after its discovery. Inspired by adventure, riches, and the desire to escape political and religious oppression, Europeans came to the continent. Two of the immigrations that took place were those of the French and British. Upon arriving at North America, they did not…

The Use of American Indians as Mascots

How would you feel if someone dressed exactly like you, or a person that you honor and respect, danced and jumped around a gym or stadium during sports games using symbols that represent you and/or your culture? Sadly, many colleges and high schools do this. They choose Indigenous people’s symbols, dances and music to make…

Analysis of Albert Bierstadt’s “The Rocky Mountains, Lander’s Peak”

The mountains of endless boundaries transcended the earth to the heavens as the water and sun created its tangibility. Dispositions of light allowed an elaborate portrayal of the perfect environment. Albert Bierstadt, a German-born, American artist, had the ability to convey such beauties of nature and its landscape through his paintings. In 1863, through a…

“Reading the River” by Mark Twain, and “The Way to Rainy Mountain” by N. Scott Momaday

The short works Reading the River by Mark Twain, and The Way to Rainy Mountain by N. Scott Momaday, are personal tales of moments in the authors lives and how those experiences impacted them spiritually. The central theme of both essays is that of impressing upon the reader to be careful not to take everyday…

The American Holocaust

This text really showed the huge downfall of the Native American people. I had no idea that there were so many Native American Indians before the Europeans came. All texts I read seemed to downplay or not list the number of them here. It says in the text, North and South America contained between 90,000,000…

The Articles of Confederation and the Constitution

Question: “From 1781 to 1789 the Articles of Confederation provided the Unites States with an effective government. Use the documents and your knowledge of the period to evaluate this statement.” Although the Articles of Confederation provided a working government for the United States, it was not necessarily an effectively working government; an effective government would…

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