Native American Essay Topics

Truth About Christopher Columbus: the Man Behind a Genocide

“…Christopher Columbus sailed to the end of the world and discovered the Americas”-Mary Tucker. This depiction of Columbus’ journey summarizes what nearly every American grew up learning about Christopher Columbus. That Columbus was a hero making contact between the worlds of Native America and Europe which eventually developed into the America we know today. We… View Article

Indian Gaming Regulatory Act

In 1988, Congress passed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act establishing gaming on Indian reservations as a means of helping tribes become self-sufficient and less dependent on government dole-outs. Donald Bartlett and James B. Steele co-wrote an article which appeared in Time magazine on December 16, 2002 entitled “Wheel of Misfortune” negatively criticizing the consequences of… View Article

Native American

It is believed that the Hopi are the Native American tribe that has been living for the longest time in the same place. They arrived in the arid region of Northwest Arizona probably over a thousand years ago, and traditionally lived in the cultivation of corn and other plants, for which they achieved a very… View Article

Native American Lierature

Native American culture is an evolving topic for people who consider themselves Natives now but throughout the history of their ancestors they have been forced to define themselves over and over again. The culture that exists today is not the same one that existed but has changed due to the events going on in the… View Article

The Argument for Indian Removal

The removal of the native tribes of America from the eastern United States is one of the epic stains upon the country’s reputation that is constantly scrutinized. However, there were compelling arguments that were put forth on both sides of the issue before the removal was done. Proponents on both sides of the issue had… View Article

Controversy on Native American Mascots

Bigotry and mockery are two concepts that the United States has fought with since its creation, and it seemed that it was disappearing, but it hasn’t. Many schools, of all levels, are using a Native American mascot to represent their sporting teams and this has brought much controversy over the truth behind these mascots. This… View Article