Nations Essay Topics

United Nations and Big Powers

Mellowed by experience, the founders of the United Nations realized that, if the new organization was to keep and secure international peace, it must be far stronger organization. So, with practical sense and pragmatic considerations, they sort to make an improvement upon the League-Covenant. The United Nations Charter clearly proves such an improvement. First, the… View Article

Global Democratic Trends and Their Impact on Developing Nations

The notion of ‘democratic society’ presumes entire complex of values and social institutions developed by world civilization, among them a legitimate state, civil society, political, economical and social pluralism, worthiness of human rights and liberties – freedom of expression, association and organization – and their legal guarantee. The main thing in democratic state is protection… View Article

Various Nationalities

Seated at the Student Union, it was observed that a bunch of people were speaking in different languages. There were those who speak English, Chinese, French, Japanese, and even Korean. This was not a surprising situation at the UB, for it houses the highest number of international students from all over the world. These students… View Article


The debate over a national bank raged on for many years. These two selections illustrate the raging debate between two of the nation’s most vocal politicians. They illuminate a common theme throughout American history, namely the debate surrounding the strength of the federal government. To be sure, the focus is on the creation of a… View Article

United States Ambassador’s Speech to the United Nations

Ladies and gentlemen and citizens of the world, my name is Susan Rice and I am honored to speak to you today. Our countries, which all embrace the United Nations’ quest for worldwide peace and stability, face many challenges that we can and must solve together. My nation, the United States of America, is prepared… View Article

United Nations

“The UN is made up of 191 nations from around the world. It is frequently called the UN. It was established in 1945 soon after the Second World War as a means of bringing people together and to avoid war. The UN logo depicts the world held in the ‘olive branches of peace”. (CBBC Newsround)… View Article

Rich Nations Obligation to Help Poor Nations

Inequality in development among different nations is related to different factors. There is always a concern among the rich nations to help develop the poor nations. Several efforts have thus been employed that are aimed at improving their state and making them self reliant. However, the question that has been raised is the extent to… View Article

Issues related to developing nations

News reports suggest that economic giants from third world Asia namely China and India are expected to grow at the rate of 9. 7 and 6. 5 percent respectively. The GDP growth rate of these nations is much higher than that of any developed nation and hence are the two fastest growing economy of the… View Article

American foreign policy

Foreign policy refers to the strategies that governments employ to guide their actions towards other countries. The U. S. foreign policy is founded on the principles of democracy and tenets liberalization (Goldstein, 2003). The U. S. foreign policy takes into account issues of human rights, economic growth and development, terrorism and environmental degradation and addresses… View Article