Nationalism Essay Topics

Constitutional Nationalism

“Constitutional Nationalism succeeded in achieving its aims whereas revolutionary nationalism failed and cultural nationalism proved to be of little relevance.” How far do you agree with this statement in reference to 19th century Ireland? In this answer I am going to discuss the successes and failures of constitutional nationalism, revolutionary nationalism and cultural nationalism in… View Article

Constitutional Nationalism From 1800 to 1921

Over the period from 1800 to 1921, Constitutional nationalism achieved some success insofar as it influenced some quite significant reforms within the Union, particularly in the areas of Politics, Economics and Religion. However, there was a notable failure to achieve reform of the Union, and towards the very end of the period, the constitutional movement… View Article

NSTP/CWTS: Boon Or Bane?

Title: NSTP aims to promote and integrate values education for youth development. Thesis Statement: NSTP can make life better and can make the students unhappy or annoyed. Statement of the Problem: This study intends to determine the importance of National Service Training Program as a curriculum requirement for all college students. Sub-Problem: 1. What are… View Article

Japanese Economic Nationalism

Economic nationalism refers to the use of policies that are guided by the idea of protecting domestic consumption, labor, and capital formation, even when these policies require the imposition of tariffs in addition to other restrictions on the movement of labor, goods, and capital. In many cases, economic nationalism is opposed to globalization or unrestricted… View Article

Nationalism and Politics Custom Research by Essay Writers

Introduction           As the world political climate has become more complex and in some cases outright hostile, many nations have turned inward, embracing nationalism as a method of self preservation at the very least and at best, or worst depending upon one’s point of view, pitting nations against one another in competition for global political… View Article

The Rise Of Nationalism In Nigeria

“Nationalism is frequently regarded by liberal theorists as a universal kind of ideology emphasizing equality and human rights within its polity, but it can just as plausibly be seen as a kind of particularism denying non-citizens full human rights…” (Eriksen 1991 265)   Introduction The legacy of colonialism helps to differentiate post-colonial African states from… View Article

Enlightened Nationalism

Such were the words of Alexis de Tocqueville in his mocking evaluation of Prussia’s Civil Code (Allgemeines Landrecht). As its rudimentary principles, the code according to him is basically those of the French Revolution but its real stipulations conserved the German ethnicity. This ongoing pressure involving new and old in Prussia is the subject of… View Article

Patriotism in the American Education System

The debate regarding the education of our children has been going on since the institutionalization of education and will continue as long as we are a liberal democracy full of free thinking citizens. People will always have an opinion and we will, most likely, never be able to please every single person. William Galston and… View Article

Spanish Nationalism

Spanish nationalism – is the nationalism asserts that Spaniards are a nation and promotes the cultural unity of Spaniards. It has been typically been closely tied to the conceptions of a Castilian-based culture. The Castilian language became the Spanish language. Other expressions of Spanish nationalism have included pan-Iberianism and pan-Hispanism. The origins of Spanish nationalism… View Article

Nation and Nationalism: a Study of Asif Currimbhoy’s Sonar Bangla

Nationalism has been a potent, political, cultural and economic force. It denotes a sense of national consciousness which unites a group of people and separates them from others. According to the principle of self determination, each nation has the right to be independent and to form a suitable type of government for it. A nation… View Article

Fiery Nationalism

For more than five centuries it has been, and remains, the world’s “most powerful idea”. Nationalism is a key characteristic of traditional global politics. Despite its strength however, nationalism is not as dominant a political identity as it once was. Nationalism had existed throughout human civilization; it became a major political movement, in large part… View Article

Ethnic Groups in Pakistan

I would like to thank the Sociology Program and the School of Critical Enquiry at the University of Woilongong for helping me to travel to Pakistan twice to do my fieldwork. In Pakistan there are too many people who have helped me in many different ways. I am grateful to all those academics, journalists, politicians,… View Article

Ethnic Groups in Pakistan

Recommended Citation Khan, Adeel, Ethnic nationalism and the state in Pakistan, Doctor of Philosophy thesis, Faculty of Arts, University of Wollongong, 2001. http://ro. uow. edu. au/theses/1736 Research Online is the open access institutional repository for the University of Wollongong. For further information contact the UOW Library: [email protected] edu. au Ethnic Nationalism and the State in… View Article

National Identtiy

National identity refers to the set of attributes and beliefs shared by those who belong to the same nation, the legitimate form of a political organization. Our independence and the way the achieve liberty is through self-rule. According to Anthony Smith a nation is a self-identifying group or community based on such factors as a… View Article