Nation Essay Topics

Ideas of Ethnicity from the Concept of Nation

In order to start this question, it is necessary to try to explain some of the phrases within it. Multi-culturalism, nation and civic are all concepts that intertwine in different ways. Ethnicity and civic ideas in the nation can exist together and one incorporates the other. Multiculturalism is the civic nation in so far as… View Article

Is the nation racialised?

We are in the 21st century. The world has been under huge changes through the years. New states have been created from the division of former states (e.g.U.S.S.R. ). The globalization is now a fact. There has been a transition away from the idea of a “nationality” and integration into coalitions such as the European… View Article

An Analysis of the Stubbies Advertisement by Coca-Cola

The 2005 ‘Stubbies” advertisement by Coke-Cola owned soft drink company Lemon and Paeroa (L&P) is constructed in such manner to produce ‘New Zealand’ within it text. The advertisement has been produced with particular attention and reference to New Zealand and New Zealanders, subjugating a sense of nationalism among viewers. This essay analyses and explains how… View Article

Nation of Kurds

The challenges revolving around deeper political, cultural and societal understanding has been one of the tenets surrounding ethnic conflict. With the diversity of cultures around the world, the creation of norms and practices among dominant groups often creates a clash among members of the minority – ethnic groups which in turn necessitates into conflicting ideals… View Article

Tom Flanagan, First Nations? Second Thoughts

For certain sectors, Tom Flanagan’s work distorts and amplifies the echoes of the past in Canada.  At the very least, one can say that his First Nations, Second Thoughts reverberates with meanings — controversial ones.  These meanings are the clearly laid out key propositions in the book as will be presented herein. Flanagan spends much… View Article

Andrew Hacker’s Two Nations

According to the latest research the author, a political science professor at Queens College in New York City, challenge that whites’ deep-rooted, enveloping racism beside blacks has created “America’s version of apartheid.” numerous white Americans, particularly political conservatives, still harbor the injustice that blacks are hereditarily lesser, he states. In a significant, strongly argued, composed… View Article

Nation under God

The argument regarding the use of the word God in the Pledge of Allegiance is not a new one. In fact, this argument stems from the long standing principle of separation between the church and the state which is embodied in the First Amendment of the United States constitution. Under this principle, the government and… View Article

The Nation of Tuvalu

For those living in the Western hemisphere they are familiar with the idea of the land-hungry European. There are people who love to acquire acres of land through purchase or through warfare. If they ever get to come to the Pacific Ocean they will be surprised to know that there are tiny nations where its… View Article

Events That Made an Impact: United States in the 1950s to 1990s

After the World War II fizzled out, people around the world had no choice but to pick up the pieces of what has been left of the unrelenting devastation that the global was has brought to them. However, the lofty triumphs achieved during the war were pointless because numerous challenges had sprouted because countries realized… View Article

Principles of Business Phase

In the aspect of business management, there are several elements and characteristics that organizational leader take into consideration when analyzing the condition of the economy of a certain society or nation. These elements are mainly the certain advantages and disadvantages of each society compare to others in terms of production, resource consumption, and economic benefit…. View Article

United States as an Imperialist and Expansionist Nation

Imperialism is the influential expansion of a country’s power through territorial invasion creating a financial and political control of other countries. Imperialism is used to refer to the period of 1880 to 1918 wherein the developed countries look for new territories to dwell in, creating their command to the African and Asian countries so that… View Article

Distinguish Between a Nation and a State

A nation is a grouping of people who consider themselves to have similar circumstances of cultural, political, same language, religion, traditions and so on. However, as no nation is culturally homogeneous, nations are ultimately defined subjectively by their members through the existence of patriotism or national consciousness. There are two types of nations, one being… View Article

Diversity: Culture and America

Beginning with the prospect of the American dream, diversity has been one of the most dominant characteristics of American society. During the nineteenth century, America was deemed a melting pot: a place where people of different ethnicities could co-exist. The idea of people being able to embrace commonalities without letting go of their culture has… View Article

Global Competitiveness

In recent years, the United States’ global competitiveness has declined, and upon the most recent analysis is sitting in the 7th position of competitiveness. As defined by the World Economic Forum, competitiveness is “the set of institutions, policies, and factors that determine the level of productivity of a country.” In Chapter 2 we have discussed… View Article

Mozambique Nation: The Creation of Self

The arrival of strangers in a strange land has always signified the end of a way of life. The inevitable fusion of two cultures will always bring about profound shifts that fundamentally change the identity of a people. In so many ways, they are revolutions of the most radical type. These revolutions have been the… View Article