NASA Essay Topics

Chemistry open book paper

During radioactive decay, atoms of one element are changed into atoms of another element through the emission of alpha or beta particles from their unstable nuclei. With alpha decay the nucleus emits an alpha particle, which is essentially a helium nucleus; a group of two protons and two neutrons. It is a form of nuclear… View Article

The First African American Astronaut

Mae Jemison was born October 17, 1956, in Decatur Alabama. She is a very outgoing person. She took school very serious. She also was an honor student. Jemison spend most the time in her school library reading about science especially astronomy. During the time when Jemison was in high school, she convinced that she wanted… View Article

Collision Course – NEO’s

When looking at the Earth in the Solar System, there are many fascinating objects, and also many dangerous ones. NEO’s, or Near Earth Objects are constantly being studied to determine the actual possibility of collision with the Earth. Most NEO’s consist of meteors, meteorites, comets and asteroids. Though most of the objects are too small… View Article

The Challenger And Columbia Shuttle Disaster

The Challenger and Columbia Shuttle disasters case study is about the tragic disintegration of the two shuttles occurring in 1986 and 2003. This paper examines the different areas of Organizational Behavior that went wrong with the two shuttle disasters. It will touch down on how the organizational culture at NASA contributed to the disaster, how… View Article

Public Support for NASA

Established by the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958, NASA believes in these words of Abraham Lincoln: “With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed (“External Assessment;” “Public Opinion of the American Space Program”).”  After all, NASA is dependent on public funding for its unspeakably expensive space programs.  Even though the… View Article

Space Exploration

Sci-Fi shows and movies often depict the human race easily traversing the vast expands of space. They foreshadow an understanding of space that humans seem very far from. But, how far are we truly from that point? The only way to find out would to be to continue the complicated research of space that has… View Article

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASA, (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), is US government agency that has got the sole responsibility for the space programs of the public in the United States. Another important role played by NASA is conducting aerospace research in the long-term both for the civilian as well as for the military in the US. In so… View Article

Project Mercury and Its Legacy

In the twentieth century, the United States and the Soviet Union engaged in a competition called the Space Race. This was a race to who would be the first country to send a rocket and a human being up into space. Although the Soviet Union was the first to send both a rocket and a… View Article

Leadership in Practice: the Columbia Accident

Introduction: For this paper, I have chosen to analyze the leadership performance of Linda Ham, Chair of Mission Management Team, and Daniel S. Goldin, NASA Administrator, 1992–2001. Both, in my estimation, were part of the problem, and not part of the solution. Both succumbed to outside political forces and placed much more emphasis on meeting… View Article

Whistle Blowing

The challenger disaster that took place in January 28 has led to the explosion of the shuttle itself and the death of all the crew members including the chosen teacher. A real disaster that occurred due to some wrong decisions and overriding some important information from professional employees within the company is considered a real… View Article

Determination in the Movie “Apollo 13”

“Hello, Houston. This is Odyssey. It’s good to see you again.” These were the words Jim Lovell said as he splashed down into the Pacific Ocean after spending 8 days in a freezing hell. Stuck in the confined quarters of the Apollo 13, those words were the embodiment of achieving your goals through determination. During… View Article

Data Analysis on the Space Shuttle Challenger and Columbia Accidents

1.) Why or how did the issues arise? Challenger Space Shuttle * Management’s decision for the launch to proceed. Cause: The upper-level management in both Moton Thiokol and Marshall Flight Center ignored the engineering expertise of the Thiokol engineers who worked on the Solid Rocket Booster Development Program. Effect: An order for the launch to… View Article

Space Exploration

The world has anxiously followed the Mars arrival of the space vessel Curiosity. Recently, on October 31, 2012, Curiosity’s analysis of Martian soil found it to be eerily similar to that of Hawaii. This mission, like so many before it, exemplifies NASA’s commitment to acquiring knowledge about the worlds beyond ours. NASA, though struggling with… View Article

The History of Nasa

NASA has done many amazing things. From putting the second man in space to putting the first and second man on the moon. NASA truly has a great history. Project Mercury was the first American human spaceflight program. It’s goal was putting a human into orbit around the Earth. And they wanted to do it… View Article

Astromnomy Lab Questions

1. Why do some scientists believe that there might have been life on Mars? Some scientists believe there was life on Mars due to a number of factors. For one we know there was at one point a substantial amount of liquid water when the planet was much younger. We also know Mars’s electromagnetic field… View Article