Narrative Essay Topics

Contradictions of human

‘Novelists and short-story writers have a less or more sympathetic interest in the contradictions of human behaviour.’ In what ways, and by what means, are such contradictions presented in works you have read? Contradictions of human behaviour are a part of human nature. Authors perceive this phenomena and choose to develop the contradictions in their… View Article

The characters Wolverine and Magneto

How effective is ‘X-Men’ at presenting the flawed hero and the sympathetic villain through the characters Wolverine and Magneto? Traditionally in the comic book genre, the characteristics of a hero and villain follow certain conventions, signifying their roles of good and evil. Bryan Singers ‘X-Men’ undertakes an alternative approach on this, his adaptation of the… View Article

A Life in the Day Of Sting

I found the Sting article to be extremely intriguing as how a superstar like himself could be so normal and down-to-Earth. The content of the first paragraph explains how Sting grew up with some background information about his father, his beliefs and his common habits. The 2nd paragraph however tells of Sting’s feelings and loves…. View Article

Is Conglomeration Good or Bad?

Have you ever wondered why there are more and more similar television shows being produced? Who owns the media? How do media companies actually make profit? Although media are everywhere in our life, we seldom give careful thought to these questions. Media, like all businesses, are profit-driven. Economics of mass media is the fundamental principle… View Article

Current Account

I have 3 Documents with the following titles, Current Account (Nationwide), Current Accounts (Lloyds TSB), and Current Accounts (Natwest). The 3 documents are advertisement leaflets for the Current Accounts within each of the businesses. The target audience for all 3 types of documents would be younger to older adults, as the documents are mostly factual,… View Article

Different types of news reporting on Steven Regrave

For my media coursework I will be looking at different types of news reporting on Steven Regrave and his fifth Gold medal win. The papers I will be looking are the observers and The Daily Mirror. I will follow the coverage of the British coxless fours triumph in the rowing event final in Sydney 2000…. View Article

Media, Culture, and Society

“A witness is authorized to speak by having been present at an occurrence. A private experience enables a public statement. But the journey from experience (the seen) into words (the said) is precarious… It always involves an epistemological gap whose bridge is fraught with difficulty. No transfusion of consciousness is possible. Words can be exchanged,… View Article

Parents vs. the Media

Due to children’s fascinations with violence, recent massacres at schools have been linked to media influence. Often troubled children use the news to gain attention. Many of the children committing these crimes are children that are being teased in school. Most of the children involved in school shootings have never had a past criminal record…. View Article

Newspaper as ultimate power

The controversy of media imperialism questions us as to whether a certain medium (in this case, the newspaper – tabloid, broadsheet, hybrid) is controlled by the publication owner or the managers/editors-in-chief/journalists. They both deliver news and make it possible to be accessed by the reading-public. Proprietors own publication companies and administer the content of the… View Article

One Day In September

Analyze how the opening sequences of two documentary films help to establish genre and narrative. The two documentaries I’m going to discuss are called one day in September and when we were kings these are both documentaries about well known sporting events. One day in September is about a group of Israeli athletes in the… View Article

Media Coursework Assignment

When, Where and What? (The 3 W’s) is the structure of any article. Some papers ‘beat around the bush’ and don’t tell you the facts until you read further. However there are also papers such as The Mirror, which in the first sentence reveals the ‘three W’s’ e.g. “Twenty people fell three hundred feet to… View Article

The Opening Section Of Newsround Cater For Your Needs

The news programme which I have chosen for my Media Studies coursework is Newsround. This programme is broadcasted on CBBC and BBC 2. The length of the programme is 5 minutes. I think that as the show is short it will keep the audience watching; also the show is broadcast multiple times throughout the day…. View Article