Myth Essay Topics

Significant Meanings Regarding the Myth of Cronus

As Hesiod stated in Theogony (126-491), the Titan son, Cronus was born to the Greek God of the sky Uranus, and Gaia, the mother of earth. Cronus had eleven Titan brothers and sisters, and was the brother of three Cyclops, as well as the invincible Hecatonchires. For no particularly defined reason, after each of his… View Article

Creation of Snow and Jack Frost

Long ago, the weather was just warm and the grass was just green. Every person on earth was happy the way they were, and the way everything was. God was always trying to bring new things into Earth, to complete its perfectness. One day God had this big feeling that he needed to create something… View Article

Myth of Phaethon

Myths tell us stories of the past including beliefs and cultures of people. There are many myths and stories that give us ideas of creativity and imagination. In the book The Metamorphosis of Ovid, the story of Phoebus and Phaethon particularly stood out to me. Even though it is short, the story is full of… View Article

Myth Being False and True Simultaneously

One commonality nearly all past human cultures possess is that they attempted to explain the unknown through fanciful tales of Gods, Goddesses, Spirits or other magical beings that through some manner were able to control the weather and shape the world around them. Amongst these varied tales one particular set of myths stands out as… View Article

Kelley Goff Creation Myth March 1st 2006

It was long-long ago, at the beginning of civilization, when people still had to read newspapers for to get the news, listen the music through the cassette recorders, and their computers were big, clumsy, and unattractive. For thousands of years already the world had been facing the danger of being buried under the piles of… View Article

Korean Creation Myth

Much as the African myth explaining the creation of its society included a talking mountain god who once lived on earth (Parrinder, African Mythology) does my own myth, based on Korean culture, explain the foundation of one society peopled with characters of strength and fortitude. Long before earth was populated, Panther and Mouse lived in… View Article