Myself Essay Topics

About Myself

Since I joined the Army five ago, I have realized that the challenges the army presents are as every bit as difficult as attending college. But it has never been a problem because I have always loved challenges. I enjoy pushing myself to my limits and see how far I can go. I enjoy learning… View Article

Judgment and the Self

What upsets people is not things themselves but their judgments about the things. For example, death is nothing dreadful (or else it would have appeared dreadful to Socrates), but instead the judgment about death that it is dreadful—that is what is dreadful. So when we are thwarted or upset or distressed, let us never blame… View Article

How I See Myself

As the saying goes, a person is essentially than the sum of his or her life experiences. For myself, my recent life experiences have been orchestrated to design a clear path towards a successful career in human resource management. Since I consider myself a person who feels comfortable working with others, I have great confidence… View Article

Using Third Person Pronouns to Describe Myself

She is a little fat though she makes it a habit to exercise or workout. Her slight roundness/stoutness makes her appear cute and bubbly as she can still be fashionable in spite of the aforementioned size. Moreover, she is also a little short in terms of height but she carries herself well because of her… View Article

Song of Myself

Walt Whitman’s poetry often relies on lists to convey multiple aspects of the world. Indeed, through the catalogues of people, places and things that he uses in his poetry, Whitman is able to display and touch on a breadth of aspects of life that make his poetry applicable to more people and also demonstrate his… View Article

Myself the Writer

 One of the reasons why I love writing is because it is my desire to progress in writing through setting more achievable objectives, building on novel ideas, in addition to developing new skills. Through writing I am able to advance my knowledge on a variety of subjects. Every time I write I am able to… View Article

Myself, the Writer

Every human being in this world has what he or she enjoys doing. On my part, I have a liking for writing and it has become my hobby since my high school years. I developed fondness towards the art of writing after having been encouraged by my language teacher. She used to do a lot… View Article