My Reflection Essay

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My Reflection

From the beginning of our life we do not own anything but we have to strive harder in order to survive. The story of Ben Carson, when he is a student he was bullied and was tempted by his classmate to do bad thing but still his mother did not lack of reminding his children to be still. And because of that his mother let his children realized of how hard she is working well in order to survive with their school. Then he tried his best in school, aim high for his dream…

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My reflection on this movie, for I am still a student …I will try my very best to do good in school, I will try not to be tempted from wrongdoings ,I will try my best to make my parents proud on me. And do let them get angry, by Ben Carson I was touch by his story that despite of being nothing…He really study hard to fulfill his dream and I have to encourage myself to be same as Ben Carson… I will reflect this to myself for I am still a student, this movie will motivate me from my studying. Give importance and effort to all my subjects so that I can pass. Control myself not to be tempted from wrongdoings. And I will try my best to make my parents proud of me…this movie is a really touching story…we should have a determination to be a successful person. For me, I will do my best to achieve my goal also to finish my school.

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