My Future Plan Essay

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My Future Plan

I knew for a while that I wanted to be a police officer, but after taking the Career Cruising test my thought was finalized. While I was taking the online test I was hoping that police officer was going to be an option I was right, my choice was actually high on the list. The hard part was deciding on what college was right for me because I didn’t know where to start. Now that I have an initial research project on my career and college choices, I have learned that being a police officer is a good choice for me and Point Park University and California University of Pennsylvania are two very ideal schools for me to go too.

My future goal is to be in law enforcement, and one day maybe even is a K-9 cop. I think this is a great job choice for me because I love to help people and I hate when innocent people get hurt. Also because I love being physically active and working outdoors, I would hate to have a job that you have to work at a desk all day five days a week. The most surprising thing I learned about this job is the pay, officers only make around $54,000 a year and I feel like that is not a lot of money for the job they actually do. Police officers face very dangerous situations every day and go places not knowing what’s going to happen. I also learned that too be a decent cop you have to understand people’s reactions and understand why people do the things they do. After reading about law enforcement I was surprised but after thinking about it, it does make sense and the better you are at understanding people, the better you will be in your job.

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After taking the test about what college is best for me, my top two choices is Point Park University and California University of Pennsylvania. Point Park is a good choice for me because it is close to home, but there are things to do around campus so I won’t get bored. I also like Point Park because it is a smaller college so my class size will be small; one consideration is I may want to experience living further away. My second choice is University and California University or CalU; I like CalU because it’s in-state but far to live away from home, also because the school is kind of small but not too small. Out of my two choices I am leaning towards CalU. I also like CalU because the tuition isn’t too expensive and the campus is very nice.

I think that my current academic performance is good for me to get into college. I just have to make sure that I keep my grades up and I don’t let them slip. Outside of school I just need to make sure I stay out of trouble and in shape. I could also talk to some about being a cop. I could ask for some advice about college and how an office copes with everything they go through.

This project has really helped me narrow down my options on where I wanted to go to school. It helped me realize that being a police officer is a good choice for me and it gave me confidence about where I was going with my future. It also helped me set goals about what I needed to do to make my goals a reality.

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