Muslims Essay Topics

Differences in ethnic experiences of criminal justice system

Ethnic minorities, afro-Caribbean’s and, to a lesser extent, Asians, are vastly over represented in official statistics for criminal offending, and convictions, but these statistics are not necessarily representative of what is real. An example of these statistics is that black people make up 2. 7% of the British population, and Asians 4. 7%, but black… View Article

Radical Muslims

The essence of the materialist doctrine in philosophy asserts that matter is the only thing that truly exists. As a consequence of this assertion, it is believed that all objects in the world are comprised of material substances and that, since matter is the only substance existing, each and every phenomenon is the direct or… View Article

Institutionalise Islamophobe

The insects of racial discrimination, the curse of civilization, are gradually eating up out society, dissolving harmony and affection, transforming human being in weapons of carnage. Thus the society no longer remains a better place to live in. Islamophobe is a contentious neologism distinct by some as a chauvinism in opposition to, or demonization of,… View Article

Islamic Fundamentalism

Introduction: The term “Islamic Fundamentalism” refers to one of those Islamic movements in the Middle East, North Africa or South and East Asia with a goal to establish an Islamic government in the area of their struggle. Islamism and Islamic Extremism are other synonyms of Islamic Fundamentalism. The rise of Islamic Fundamentalism can be traced… View Article

Islam and the Muslims

In September 2005 Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published twelve cartoons including a caricature of Muhammad in a bomb-shaped turban with an ignited fuse. This sparked a huge controversy that affected Muslims and Non-Muslims parts of the world. For the Muslims it was a portrayal of the prophet, Islam and the Muslims as terrorists. They feared that… View Article

Muslims interpret

After a brief discussion of how Muslims interpret the Qur’an to inform their attitudes toward and relations with non-Muslims, this paper discusses Bosnia as an example of a milieu where Muslims enjoyed good relations with non-Muslims, specifically with non- Christians and Jews. The period reviewed is the half-century or so leading up to the Bosnian… View Article