Muslim views on medical and sexual questions Essay

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Muslim views on medical and sexual questions

Transsexuals are people who believe that their mind is trapped within the body of someone who is of the opposite sex. Many of them who are unable to have the necessary sex organ change operation end up committing suicide. However in the terms of shariah law, it is not allowed for men and women to change their gender to the opposite sex. If one goes against the Shariah law, then he/she will be violating the commandments of the Qur’an and Hadith.

The Shariah has also gone to the extent where women are not allowed to dress as men, and men are not allowed to dress as women. It is noted in an Hadith that Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) cursed those men who imitated women and those men who imitated women. If one was to undergo a sex change, then he/she will be altering the natural features and organs that Allah had blessed them with.

Many patients have problems with their sex lives, so they seek the help of a doctor or in such cases, they are recommended to go to sex counselling sessions. However it is not allowed for Muslim physicians to engage such conversations. If a husband and wife had problems in their sexual lives, then they would consult a doctor of their own sex. They should then give a broad outline of their problem and not go into such detail. The Muslim doctor would not be allowed to find out such explicit details or show the patient videos that demonstrate such sexual acts.

However during sexual therapy lessons, explicit video films which demonstrate such explicit acts may be shown to the patient. It is totally against the Shariah Law for the patient to watch such explicit acts.

Some people take advantage of mentally retarded people by having sex with them. So in order to reduce the chance of them falling pregnant, they can be sterilized. This is cause due to their mental state, they would be unable to care for the child. Methods of contraception such as the use of pills can be used instead of using the method of sterilisation as it would mean that all chances of a future hope of pregnancy will be lost.

It is not allowed for the mental patient to be castrated but medicine can be administrated which would suppress their sexual urges.

Recent studies show that homosexuality is genetically inclined. In Islam, homosexuality is forbidden so it is merely a plot from Shaytaan who’s aim is to make homosexuality more acceptable in our society. The main duty of a Muslim psychiatrist is dissuade his/her patient from indulging in such haram acts. The act of homosexuality has been condemned in the Qur’an and Hadith.

Brain-stem death is accepted in the field of medicine as doctors have been entrusted in confirming that a person is dead. In Islam, a person is only considered dead when his soul has left its body. The body then becomes cold and stiff. If left for a long period of time, then the body begins to decompose. If these signs are visible, then the person is considered to be dead in terms of the Shariah. If these signs are not visible, then the person is not considered to be dead.

In this case, whether a brain-stem dead person is dead or not is not relevant. In either case, the persons organs are not allowed to be removed from the body. The organs and limbs of a deceased person belongs to Allah, so the person has no right in deciding as to whom his organs are donated to. If a fellow human is dying and the only option of survival is of eating another humans limb and another human gladly offers the too, it will not be allowed.

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