Muslim Essay Topics

International terrorism essay questions

The reasons for violence in the Middle East can be attributed to the following: economic, political and religious reasons. The Islamic radicals point out that the west policies i. e. its political, economic and cultural systems, are aimed towards eradicating Muslims around the world and they have to protect themselves by any way possible even… View Article

Prayer policies between the Christian and Muslim

The Christian and Muslim religions have long argued their religious differences. On the surface, both religions possess similarities. Both religions advocate the worship of a singular God. Both impose obligations and duties on their believers as a means of becoming and staying as an advocate of the religion. Both use prayer as a means of… View Article

Islamic Womens’ Rights

Islam since its inception has maintained the claim of universality – a message and a way of life applicable and appropriate to all peoples in all places and times. Now more clearly than at any other point in the history of the Islamic tradition, this claim seems to be manifested through the presence of Muslim… View Article

Islamic Studies

What is a Sufi and what do they contribute to our world today? How do they affect people especially the Muslim practices? What contributions did they have to the belief about God? How are they different or how are they the same? Citing 2 of the major Sufi figures, we would be able to learn… View Article

Humor within Leadership Theory

The key to the success of any venture is strong leadership (Howe 1994). Courage, vision, and humor are key ingredients in the formula for success. Service to the community or communities also plays a critical role in the development of leadership potential. The importance of humor in this model is fundamental. Every leader has some… View Article

Muslim Women and Their Coverings

There has been much debate, especially in countries foreign to Muslim practices, about the head scarves and body coverings of Muslim women. Although the practice of women dressing to cover much of their bodies while in public, except for the hands, feet, and face, is a widespread practice in the Middle East and in other… View Article

General Muslim Religion

Islam is the world’s second great monotheistic religion (Armstrong, 2002). Islam, an Arabic word, comes from a root word meaning commitment or surrender: hence the foundation of Islam is submission to the will of the Only God, Allah. The word ‘Muslim’ also itself means ‘one who lives his life according to Allah’s will (Esposito, 2002)…. View Article

Scholarly References on the Muslim

Diversity in browsing environments utilized by the web community presents a unique challenge to audiences that are looking for legible and accurate web information. With web proliferation, there has been an increasing trend towards the web as source of information and researches. Wikipedia popularity has reach to tantalizing heights such that as of April 2008,… View Article

How does Islamic architecture reflect Muslim beliefs?

One of the most overlooked topics about the Muslim religion is its architecture; often times, Islam is always associated with the Koran, the Ramadan and such and most people are oblivious to the fact that these people also have been able to impact the world of architecture. Their structures are patterned such that the buildings… View Article

Muslim country

This paper discusses several different topics pertaining to Alberta’s pork industry. It will discuses international issues, the Danish pork industry and what Canada can learn from it, Canadian pork industry versus the United states pork industry and what changes Alberta and Canada can make to stay competitive. I will conclude that Alberta needs to think… View Article

History of Muslim

Elijah Muhammad was born in Sandersville in Georgia in a family of 13 children. He left home at the age of 16 and went around United States. He settled in Detroit Michigan in 1923 where he worked in an automobile factory. He later became an advocate for independence of black people, spearheaded for black operated… View Article

Conflicts of Muslim Iranian Women in America

The large scale immigration of Iranian Muslim to the United States of America is as a result of a continuum of causes, resulting from the Islamic revolution of the 1979 and the policies of the cold war era (Pollack, 2004). Immigration of Iranian Muslim women increased over time leading to the more Iranian Muslim women… View Article

Muslim versus Hindu Rituals

Islam has a number of rituals that are obligatory on Muslims. The five basic pillars of Islam are Faith (Iman), Prayer (Salat), payment of Alms (a tax called Zakat), Fasting in them month of Ramadan and Pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj). A Muslim who does not follow any of the five pillars is a non-believer and… View Article

The Muslim World

World is divided into different divisions depending upon the economic conditions, race, culture and most importantly religion. The division of world is more evident after the September 11 attacks into Muslim world and anti-Muslim world. The political ideology and attitudes were now deeply rooted among the individuals also. “The anti-Muslim attitudes of West united the… View Article

Muslim Societies

The misrepresentation of Islamic societies is nothing new, especially when they are being covered by the Western media. Islamic communities, in reality, span a wider range of traditions and cultures especially when compared to Christian communities. Then again, as they are represented by Western media, Islamic communities are considered as monolithic. This is just one… View Article