Murder Essay Topics

Why Did The Whitechapel Murders Attract So Much Attention?

In Whitechapel at the time prostitution was a common thing. There were hundreds of women that had to resort to this just to make a living. It was not unheard of for occasionally a prostitute to be beaten or murdered. Usually this kind of thing would be logged but go unnoticed to the public. But… View Article

Critical Evalution Of Murder

How satisfactory is the current law on murder? The current law on murder is relatively satisfactory although improvements do need to be made. One of the existing problems concerns the mens rea of the crime. In some ways it can be considered to broad. A person who kills someone else but only intended to cause… View Article

The Murder of Gonzago

The evocative and vivid language which the ghost employs in speaking to Hamlet about purgatory is highly significant as it encourages Hamlet to spur to action in avenging his father’s death. The ghost states that he is ‘doomed for a certain term to walk the night’ and in the day to “fast in fires”. The… View Article

Columbine rampage

“Columbine rampage” is a screen capture from a surveillance camera taken on April 20, 1999, of students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold in Columbine High School. In the picture, two armed young men are shown holding a short automatic and another type of gun. Both seem to be wearing fatigue pants and boots. There are… View Article

The Organized Serial Murderer: Theodore Bundy

Federal Bureau of investigation FBL define a serial killer as one who commits homicide acts on one or more occasions but with a tine lapse between the murders. (Snow R, 2005). According to Internal Association of Forensic Science serial killers tend to have similar characteristics. It is estimated that over 90% of the serial killers… View Article

Laci Peterson: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Did Scott Petersen really murder his wife and unborn son or was this a mass delusion bestowed on an unsuspecting public by an overly opinionated press? According to Peterson, his wife, Laci, went out to walk the dog on December 24, 2002, and never returned. His story was verified by a neighbor, Vivian Mitchell, who… View Article

Theoretical Explanations of Murder by Jack Henry Abbott

 This paper asserts that both nature and nurture are to blame for Jack Abbott’s criminal life, and that differential association theory aptly explains the social forces and conditions that bred the criminal. At its core, symbolic interaction theory focuses on how people define reality, how they figure out the world around them, and how they… View Article

Thompson v. Oklahoma

The case Thompson v. Oklahoma took place in 1988. William Thompson (15 year-old boy) killed his brother-in-law, who had been abusing his sister. The murder was not committed in state of temporary insanity, so the court considered it as first-degree murder and sentenced William Thompson to death. As far as the 8th and 14th Amendments… View Article

The Ideology Of Timothy McVeigh

Timothy McVeigh (April 23, 1968- June 11, 2001) is popularly known as the convicted bomber of the Oklahoma Bombings which occurred on April 19, 1995. As a child, McVeigh was mild-mannered and well liked by his family and neighbors. He was closest to his grandfather Eddie who also gave Timmy his first gun, a .22… View Article

Treatment and Rehabilitation of Serial Killers in Prison

Abstract The morbid fascination the public holds for serial killers is a long running one. The bizarre and often gruesome nature of their crimes have often been attributed to be the work of mad men. This popular belief has led to rise of insanity as a criminal defense. There are also questions regarding the viability… View Article

True Crime Essay

Marked for Death. Brian J. Karem. Avon, ISBN-10: 0060524715 , 304 pages. The novel ‘Marked for Death’ delivers a unique crime story based on confrontation between human dignity and morality, impact of drugs on human personality and search for happiness. This novel is an excellent literary piece which combines features of horror and crime stories,… View Article

Kitty Genovese

Kitty Genovese was an ordinary woman. One day, she was going home in the early morning. When she arrived in her neighborhood at about 3:15 a. m. and parked her car about 100 feet from her apartment’s door, she was attacked by someone. She screamed out. Even though her screams were heard by several neighbors,… View Article

In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

 In Cold Blood: A True Account of Multiple Murder and Its Consequences by Truman Capote details the social arena that molded Dick Hickock and Perry Smith into criminals and killers.  The author wrote of how Hickock was brought up in a loving home with a stable family but suffered from mental illness.  Perry on the… View Article

Amelia Dyer: Crystal Tate

Amelia Dyer was born the youngest of five children, in the small village of Pyle Marsh. She was the daughter of a master shoe maker Samuel Hobley and Sarah Hobley. She learned to read and write but although she lived somewhat of a privileged life it was tainted by the mental illness of her mother,… View Article

Planned Outline

Thesis Statement: The unsolved death of JonBenet Ramsey was due to conflicts that had occurred between members of the investigative team and the District Attorney’s office on whether the murderer was a member of the Ramsey family or an intruder. I. Introduction A. The death of JonBenet Ramsey 1. Patsy Ramsey discovered a ransom note… View Article