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Multimedia Essay Examples

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Netflix Case Study

Company Overview The idea behind Netflix, the most popular provider of online and by-mail rental services, came from an unsatisfied, embarrassed customer. Reed Hastings, founder and current CEO of Netflix, was charged 40$ as a late fee because he returned the movie Appolo13 six weeks late (Zarafshar, 2013). This made him think creatively about an…

Multimedia Basics

Application of Multimedia: Multimedia finds its application in various areas including, advertisements, art, education, entertainment, engineering, medicine, mathematics, business, and scientific research applications. A few application areas of multimedia are listed below: Entertainment and Fine Arts: In addition, multimedia is heavily used in the entertainment industry, especially to develop special effects in movies and animations….

Identify how you would beta test a multimedia project for delivery

Beta testing is a test for a computer product prior to commercial release may it be an application software, an operating system or a multimedia product. It is a stage where in the product is put into a larger community after a rigorous in house test. To some, it is also a way of knowing…



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International Multimedia Conference

Camuri, A. , Mazzarino, B. , Ricchetti, M. , Timmers, R. , and Volpe, G. (2004). Multimodal analysis of expressive gesture in music and dance performances. In Gesture-Based Communication in Human-Computer Interaction, 2915, 357-358. The article focuses on research concerning the analysis of expressive gesture from the perspective of multimodal interaction and the development of…

Multimedia learning proposes

Multimedia learning proposes ways of going beyond the pure verbal messages which have been used in lectures and printed lessons for hundreds of years. Multimedia learning as Thomas Edison predicted has proved to be an effective method of teaching, has revolutionized our educational system and has supplanted the use of textbooks. Multimedia presentations are known…

A Multimedia Thesis Project

During the 16th-17th century, when the Philippines was still under the control of Spain, the Jesuit Historian, Father Pedro Chirino, wrote in 1604 about the baptism of two deaf Filipino in Dulac, Leyte by Father Francisco De Otaco. Father Ramon De Prado, the vice-provincial priest taught these two deaf Filipinos and they were the first…

The Role of Early Childhood Multimedia Edutainment

In Jordan, it is fact that water sources is at risk. Evolving efficient use and water management practice is increasingly seeking the participation of people who have connections with places with limited water sources and also to value community-held knowledge. Water speaks experiences common to children everywhere. Educational multimedia entertainment (EME) can encourage children, parents’…

Proposal for Multimedia Project

A self-declared grey hat hacker has leaked credit card information from Visa and MasterCard. In a Pastebin statement, ‘Reckz0r’ said that he targeted the credit card giants for ‘curiosity and challenge’ and was only leaking a portion of the credit card information as he could not leak everything, as it was ‘too large’. He said:…

Overcoming Multimedia Addiction

Some of the students nowadays are struggling to stay awake while the rest of the world is asleep just to read their friends’ posts and comments and status on Facebook. They even spend most of their time staring at the big screens of their personal computers just to play online games like DOTA and Counterstrike….

Using Multimedia to Visualize American Culture

Culture, cultural diversity and multiculturalism constitute some of the most significant social issues in America today. Oriented around the core concept of culture and cultural groups, the course is designed to introduce the student to the basic concepts of culture and cultural diversity, and develop an awareness and appreciation for the full range of diversity…

The value of multimedia Digital Libraries to the medical profession

Abstract: Verious method were applied in the dissemination of medical information through offline established libraries. The problem of location, time constraints, and unavailability of the requested documents often arises. Consequently, the proposed “Multi-media Digital Library” is to enhance easy accessibility and dissemination of medical information via the internet and in other media used in the…

Repetitive strain injuries

Sensory Impairment: A person with sensory impairment has reduced ability or lack of ability in using one of three senses: vision, touch and hearing. The effects of sensory impairment can range from slight to complete loss of the sense. It may be mild or have severe impact on their every day lives. Large monitor computers…

ICT Multimedia Coursework Assignment

Introduction: I am going to set my presentation on Work Experience and this will target students in year 10 which will help them know what would be done before Work experience in order to them to go on it. I will also give the year 10’s a taste of how it will be like when…

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