Multicultural Essay Topics

Multicultural backgrounds

Both of these poets John Agard and Sujata Bhatt write poems about their multicultural backgrounds. In John Agard’s poem “half-caste” he starts off with Standard English. But as he goes on through out the poem he uses Caribbean dialect. His poem is about his feelings towards being multicultural. He feels angry, sad and is questioning… View Article

Increasingly multicultural

Montreal is a vibrant cosmopolitan city that is becoming increasingly multicultural. although this is the case Quebec’s language laws have made it all but impossible to post outdoor signs in languages other than French. Other disadvantageous do not point just to those who do not speak French. Since Bill 101 was passed in 1977 many… View Article

Multicultural competency

Multicultural competency is indeed an essential tool required in dealing with clients who have different races, perceptions and cultures. Having this skill will be of a great advantage in the progress of counselling sessions. Moreover, according to Pedersen, multiculturalism is “a wide range of multiple groups without grading, comparing, or ranking them as better or… View Article

Multicultural education

From its early beginnings in the 1960s, multicultural education has since been in a constant state of evolution both in theory and in practice (Gorski & Covert 1996). In the last four decades, it has undergone repeated transformation, focusing and conceptualization as challenges emerge one after the other from a rapidly changing population demographics and… View Article

Living and Working in a Multicultural Society

One of the major principles of multiculturalism is the equity among various cultural groups living in one community such as a nation. For example, multiculturalism in a certain country seeks the equality among the existing ethnic groups that speak distinct dialects and follow unique cultural practices. None of such groups either dominate the community or… View Article

Multicultural Population Study

The objective of this research is to analyze the community based in the U. S. , most of them are Asians in this research we are talking about the Filipinos who are working in U. S. most of them are working there in cheap wages. The population of Filipinos are increasing in US are increasing… View Article

Multicultural in school setting

The article, what makes a school multicultural? talks about social change in the society. The concept of multiculturalism has not been clarified but everyone has an idea of what it is and they are thus left to judge with their believes and biases. The article is well written and talks of the 21st century as… View Article

A multicultural counselor

It is crucial that a multicultural counselor have ample strategies in order to be effective in multicultural counseling. This is because the counselor handles clients who have diverse cultures and, therefore, need to be adaptive to the various cultural values and beliefs of the client. In order, for a multicultural counselor to be effective, it… View Article

Expanding the multicultural debate

The authors use three specific examples to substantiate their arguments – first, the habit of the Japanese macaques to wash sweet potatoes; second, how an infant chimpanzee learns the American Sign Language from its mother; and third, the utilization of tools by wild chimpanzees. Primatologists in Japan found an unusual behavior that originated in a… View Article

Multicultural nature of the American nation

In an in-depth interview with a subject of Japanese origin (twenty years old, living in the U. S. for three years) the differences between Western and Far-East cultures became evident. Given the multicultural nature of the American nation, the subject has not encountered any direct discrimination or intolerance; however, she had problems with adjusting to… View Article

Culture and Multicultural Education

In the modern world, the society is characterized by diverse populations with different cultures. It is important that individual members of today’s society learn to interpret and interact with other individuals from different social groups. Since the colonial era, society has experienced inequalities based on cultural and social factors. Some cultures have been depicted as… View Article

Decision Making in Multicultural Team

Decisions are choices between two or more alternatives to a problem and are usually in form of determinations, agreements, or declarations (Le Baron, 2007). Adler (1998) asserts that decisions can be findings and factual and can also be thought about as judgment or opinion of ruling. Decision making behavior as with other behavior is affected… View Article