MTV Essay Topics

Cell phones

Complications come with the breakthrough of technology and this is especially true with cell phones. It is quite difficult to imagine how much change in communications occurred in just the past decade. I remember very well I acquired my first cell phone: it was what they call an analog (Frieden, 2007). It was pricey that… View Article

MTV Case Analysis

There is a huge competition between MTV Networks Asia and Channel V over the Asian market. These two companies that have invested heavily in the region thus, increasing their distribution networks all over the Asia continent. In 1999 the tough completion degenerated into a personal war of words between the heads of each channel. They… View Article

Critically analyse the MTV event in the Reid

This essay will analyse the MTV event in the Reid (2003) case study. And suggest how improvements to the organisation and management of this event could have been made. We will look at how the event was organized and with whom in mind. We will also look into how the management of the event was… View Article

Relationship Between Virtuality and Reality

Imagine when you go to a grocery store to buy toothpaste. Will you buy the brand which often shows up on TV commercials or the one that you have never heard of but with lower price? I assume that most people, including me, will buy the first kind of toothpaste. Is it really better than… View Article

Reality TV shows

Reality TV shows have become very popular on the small screen nowadays. There are many realities TV shows out there that can relate to anybody watching them. There are a lot of topics about how reality TV shows gives out different characteristics to the viewers. For example in the article “The Distorting Mirror of Reality… View Article

The Positive Impacts of Reality Tv

Outline Thesis Statement: Reality TV has an internal conflict about the positive impact, and while most people think that there are no positive things, there are some positive things gained from reality TV without feeling it, such as Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, The Biggest Loser, and American Idol. I. Introduction (the history of reality TV)…. View Article