Mortgage Essay Topics


1. In 1932, the federal government’s intervention in the market for home ownership was desirable. Not only was it desirable, but it was needed. It has been the federal government’s desire to have every American become a part of the American dream and be a homeowner. In 1932 President Hoover signed the Federal Home Loan… View Article

Mortgage Fraud

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) mortgage fraud as a material misstatement, misrepresentation or omission relied on by an underwriter or lender to fund purchase or insecure a loan. In other words, it is a fraudulent practice used to obtain mortgage financing. It can be as simple as falsifying information to obtain the… View Article

Mortgage Loan Payment Calculator

The monthly payments for such a loan would be $990. 58. Over the life of the loan, therefore, the total payments add up to $356,608. 80 with interest at $221,608. 80, which is calculated in the following manner: $990. 58 x 360 = $356,608. 80. From this is taken the initial cost of the house… View Article

Psychological Effects on Subprime Mortgage Crisis

The day of owning a home was a wonderful experience that Janet Wilson discovered after closing on her first home. She’s a single mother with two sons and when her loan officer explained that her mortgage loan would be approve and she felt her dream of homeownership will be reality. The closing costs were at… View Article

Home Mortgage Loan

Shopping around for the best mortgage is a process similar to the acquisition of any other product. A borrower should first shop around for the best loan, then compare the terms, rates and costs being offered. Finally, the borrower should negotiate for the most advantageous deal. The first step is to obtain information from various… View Article

Maceda and Recto Law

These two laws are relevant and are very often the issue of many court cases. Both laws govern the sale of property by installments. The Recto Law, which forms part of the Civil Code, covers installment sales of personal property while the Maceda Law governs installment sales of real property. The Recto Law The Recto… View Article