Ghandi Case Essay

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Ghandi Case

Ghandi was cool and liked cats one time he was chilling with his cat foo foo ba mo mo and it totally attacked his foot and he was like ow that hurt bad kitty and he smacked his cat but then he felt really bad so he ran fast to the gas station that also sold cat toys and other various pet items and bought him a lovley cat toy made of the finest lace and cat nip.

Well after that the cat was very happy and danced around to thriller by micheal jackson becuase he was a little stoned after all that cat nip so he chilled for a while but then he really had the muchies and was graving taco bell, NOT TIME, taco time is over priced and not even that good, anyways he got his reallly cool motor scooter and hauled ass to america becuase india is so cheap to have anything as awesome as taco bell and he got a job doing tricks to earn the money he needed and after that he made it to america and ate a nachoes supreme and was super stoked but totally had the worst cotten mouth so he was in a mad dash to find the nearest seven eleven becuase they had this new flavor of slushie that sounded really dank at the time it was like watermelon or somehting i dont even know but after a while of catting around he located one and went in and had like two dollars so he had to buy a small

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