Morality Essay Topics

The dramatic presentation of justice and morality in The Crucible

Sin and Struggle is one of the most common things we can come across in our life. This concept of Sin and Struggle is presented very dramatically in the play of The Crucible. The play describes the fury mass hysteria, which took place in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 and shows people’s self-centred attitude. The dictionary… View Article

The differences in ethical and Christian views concerning homosexuality

Homosexuality is a subject, which is forever being raised in today’s media and society. It is constantly brought to the attention of many to be somewhat reassessed in terms of ethical and religious view points, whether through the newspapers or the television. While religious view points used to manipulate society in all matters, it now… View Article

It is important to know right from wrong

During this essay I am going to try to prove that it is important to know right form wrong. I am also going to explain how different cultures; backgrounds and circumstances can change people’s morals on right and wrong. An example of how people morals can changes due to circumstances is war. How is war… View Article

How can we know, if at all, that our behavior is ethical?

As human beings, how do we recognize that our actions towards ourselves, our surroundings, and to others around us are ethical? For instance, a student is caught cheating on a test in school. Why is this pupil punished for what they have done, and how do they know their actions were right or wrong? Ethics,… View Article

Religion and Morality

Morality as dependant on religion The idea of whether morality and religion are linked or not was first looked upon by Plato, where in his Euthyphro Dilemma he asks, ‘Is what is pious loved by the Gods because it is pious, or is something pious because it is loved?’ In other words he is questioning… View Article

Moral Dilemas

This situation is a moral dilemma because Captain Ericson has to make a very hard decision, to either destroy the u-boat whilst killing the men in the water or to save the stranded men but risk future trouble and destruction by letting the u-boat go ie it is a situation to which his everyday morality… View Article

The merits and draw backs of utilitarianism

What is utilitarianism? “The greatest good of the greatest number”. Simple. Or is it? In any real situation, there are many people involved; they will all be affected in different ways; there is no reason why the “greatest number” should receive the “greatest good”. What is usually meant in practice by that slogan is something… View Article

Situation Ethics

Situation ethics is not dissimilar from utilitarianism, in that it is a way a deciding upon the correct action that is to be taken in a given situation. It does however take an individualistic approach, with the emphasis being upon each person, rather than looking after the majority, as is the case in utilitarianism. It… View Article

The strengths and weaknesses of relativist views of ethics

A. How might a moral relativist respond to the claim that people should always tell the truth? B. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of relativist views of ethics. (A) To tell the truth is morally right, but telling a lie can also be morally right. Can the contradictions both be justified if the motive is… View Article

Ethics – Terms to know

Worldview–The way the world is seen & made sense of; framework of individual understanding. e.g. Deism – God abandoned creation Nihilism – Reality has no value; traditional values unfounded Existentialism – Life has no meaning but what we give it Eastern Pantheism – Polytheism, i.e. Hinduism Naturalism – Secular humanism / modernism; God is irrelevant–nothing… View Article

What Is Meant By Meta-Ethics?

Meta-ethics is a term used to describe the language of morality and the study of what we are actually doing when we use words such as “good”, “bad”, “right” and “wrong”; when we talk about something being good is our belief just subjective or are we referring to something objective, factual and real? Meta-ethical philosophers… View Article

Moral Sainthood

The concept of moral sainthood quickly becomes a negative one, simply because no one can be perfect. When we hold high expectations for people, they will inevitably fail to meet these criteria for perfection. When this occurs, individuals who hold high expectations of their moral saint will experience a huge let down. Also, a mere… View Article

Compare absolute and relative morality

There are two types of morality, absolute morality and relative morality. An absolutist believes that certain things are always right or wrong no matter the consequences or situation, while a relativist is more concerned with outcomes and believes something is either right or wrong based in certain circumstances or situations. An absolute command is a… View Article

Capital Punishment

As a society we have an established set of rules and norms that are enforced by our justice system which we as a people have deemed as the highest power to determine when these rules and norms are broken and what appropriate punishment should be given. We live in a world filled with diversity. Not… View Article