Moral Essay Topics

Moral choices

Miller shows several characters who are faced with difficult moral choices. They are changed by the experience and the audience go through catharsis watching them. How does millers treatment of moral issues add to the drama? In this essay I will write about how Arthur Miller, director of “The Crucible” uses moral issues in the… View Article

Moral panics

The term ‘moral panic’ suggests a dramatic and rapid overreaction to forms of deviance or wrongdoing believed to be a direct threat to society. The most common definition of a moral panic is the opening paragraph of ‘Folk Devils and Moral Panics’ by Stanley Cohen: Societies appear to be subject, every now and then, to… View Article

Emotional, Moral and Physical Changes

Adolescence is the name given to the period in the life of human beings between the ages of twelve and eighteen years. It is during the period of adolescence that a human being matures from a child to an adult, usually in both the physical as well as psychological sense of the word. That being… View Article

Moral matters

PRAYER is the center for Jesus. Religion has two aspects: On the one hand it maintains certain standards of conduct, on the other it affirms certain beliefs about the ultimate nature of the universe. It is prayer which connects the two. Without it the one of these would be ethics, and the other would be… View Article

Moral Sentiments

Pursuit of wealth is a necessity for a proper and well standard life in today’s world. Wealth is an essential commodity today and one has to have it for a respectable living and that is why people are in a run to achieve it not matter the opportunity cost. The main question is that is… View Article

Ceceros on moral duty

Man is endowed with reason where unlike animals, he is able to understand how things come about, and be able to interpret how causes relate to the effects. From there, the man will be able to draw conclusion and relate the current and the future appropriately. In most cases man will try to look for… View Article

Law and Morality

Sir John Salmond described the law as ‘the body of principles recognised and applied by the state in the administration of justice’. They are a set of rules and boundaries that are established by authorities which must be obeyed, otherwise, a sanction may be given. Morals are beliefs, values and principles that are set by… View Article

Morality in war

Is war ever moral? I feel that War is a necessary part of life. Sometimes force is the only way to defend yourself or others. We are all equals, and It is immoral to take the life of anyone, but it is also immoral to let the life of anyone be taken. We have a… View Article

Personal Morality

Introduction I would not have believed you two years ago if you told me an individual’s single decision could have such a profound effect on not only their lives but that of their family, their employer, the economy and even the world. The life we lead and the choices we make affect more than ourselves,… View Article

Moral development perspective

Moral development theories are also known as age theories or stage theories. They are also called eclectic theories to imply that ‘everything’ is capable of causing delinquency and therefore tightly linked to ‘evil causes evil fallacy’. According to Siegel (2004), theories of moral development may be divided into; latent trait theories and life course theories…. View Article

Moral Challenges

Morality is a highly contested topic in every day life. It can be defined as a thought process of making decisions based on one’s beliefs or desires shaped by one’s culture. A right or wrong moral decision can therefore be said to be a product of culture and law stipulated in a constitution and applied… View Article

Moral achievements during adolescents

The adolescent period is marked by a number of physical and emotional changes for individuals. During this period, an individual strives to move from the identity that is dependent on parental and societal influence in to one that is determined by the individual. The purpose of this paper is to review the moral developments during… View Article

Moral Naturalists

The moral naturalists believed that moral responses are a result of a long history of relationship. The naturalists argue that we observe people as they live thus one do not have to rely on metaphysics or exposure. The moral naturalists were not able to elaborate the reasons as to why morality is very important. The… View Article

Moral Reasoning across Cultures

Moral reasoning involves an active critical thinking process that evaluates reasons for ethical beliefs (Sunar, 2002). Sometimes individuals may be skeptic about issues related to morality. However, these same people seek to relate their moral opinions with tangible reasons. By doing this, they try to prove the issues that encompass ethics but often end up… View Article

Vegetarian in order to be a truly Moral Person?

Morality is and will always be a major philosophical issue as it touches on several aspects of ethical discussions. This makes it very important for one to have a good understanding of this term so that any reasoned argument revolving around the topic can exhibit sense and logic. Morality has generally been used to refer… View Article