Modernization Essay Topics

Modernization theory

Modernization theory focuses on the main idea that the processes which the currently developed countries went through are vital to achieving development in the underdeveloped and developing countries. Modernization is thought to take place in five stages according to the Rostow’s stage theory (Rostow 1960), namely; • The traditional society • Take-off preconditions • Take-off… View Article

Future of Modernization

Modernization is far more than the technological updating of the machines that help society move forward. The implications from those upgrades stretch far and wide and touch every aspect of society, from economic to familial concerns. However, these seeming improvements to human society is often seen as threatening and negative to the intellectual and social… View Article

How Complex Is Hunter-Gatherer Technology

Erik O’Neal How complex is hunter-gatherer technology It’s funny how we as a people can take for granted and deem certain clichés such as “man’s work” or “woman’s work” as being sexist and derogatory and they can be within context. These terms have been the foundation for a century long battle of epic proportions between… View Article

Discourse on Modernization

The discourse on Modernization was resisted by the Communists led by the USSR through a policy of isolation and xenophobia. The improvement of quality of life Modernization would bring was a threat to their hold on nations. Hence it was against the best interest of Communist governments that their holdings obtain genuine modernization. One major… View Article


Modernization is a process of modernizing a way of life. South Africa and China both attempted to modernize for a beneficial outcome. China was successful at modernizing and benefited greatly. South Africa resisted modernization and in the end suffered from harmful effects. South Africa and China both modernized in their own way. China attempted to… View Article