Modern World History: Chapter 15

Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton – what is the relation between these two?
AE theory of relativity replaces IN well believed ideas of motion and gravity

Frank Kafka James Joyce and F Scott Fitzgerald were all what?
Authors in the 1920’s

Fascism vs democracy after WWI
People lost faith in democracy and turned to democracy; it emphasized loyalty to state and obedience to state

Great Depression
A long business slump in the 1930’s

Roosevelt’s new deal
It called for large community projects to get jobs, government payed business’ and for programs like welfare

II Duce
Benito Mussolini’s new name after he became leader of Italy

Hitlers new political party in Germany (think of holocaust)

Axis Powers
The peace agreement between Germany Italy and Japan

US isolationists
The belief that political ties with other countries should be avoided