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Modern Essay Examples

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Modern Gadgets: A Boon or Bondage?

Modern gadgets: really a boon for us? Brain-the biggest weapon, the mammoth power human has. Testimony of above statement is the present scenario. Just open the sea of imagination and imagine what old time was, now open your eyes and find yourself in this modern world. It is impossible to swallow this immense gap at…

Directions for developing the Rogerian argument

Exercise 1: Establish your position on the issue selected in class and find an authoritative article or report that you think will add strength to your argument. As you develop your claim, you must also look for support for your point of view from the Tallahassee Community College library databases. NOTE: Your ID card must…

Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times

Being told that we were going to watch a 1936 Charlie Chaplin movie made me excited. I have never seen any of his films so I did not know what to expect. Seeing the movie title as “Modern Times”, however, made me think that the film is about the lives of the people during the…



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Modern approach to teen substance abuse help and management methodologies

Teen drug and alcohol abuse management is aimed at arresting adverse indulgence that lead to clinical cases. Serological evidence on sub-clinical cases of depression and alcoholism show preventive counseling is effective in managing depression and alcoholism. About 51% of teens within a random cluster of 20 males and 10 females are actively involved in alcoholism….

The First Modern Woman

Book Review on Madame DeStael: The First Modern Woman The book Madame DeStael was written by Francine du Plessix Gray. The main purpose of the author is to present a story about an independent woman of letters who became successful and has outwitted Napoleon during the French Revolution. Gray was able to answer five descriptive…

Modern Egypt

Modern Egypt always has been a difficult country to govern. Physical control has been a relatively simple task, for the Egyptians are by nature a submissive people. But positive plans for development continually have been defeated by Egyptian inertia and lack of public responsibility. True, in the past, “strong men” –such as Mohamed Ali, dictator…

Modern day Capitalism

I know most of us, is familiar with the world “Globalization”. Even though some of us may not know what this means, day in and day out, we hear news in relation to globalization given that the most powerful leaders around the world have been negotiating day in and day out numerous treaties and policies…

Modern day Dystopia

Dystopia is a dark vision of future which is imaginary, existing in a wretched place where life is fearful, full of miserable, oppression, human misery, violence and dehumanizing. Dystopian society lives with a fiction and prototypes of totalitarian dictatorship, continuously putting its population on trial, basing essence on concentration camps, enslaving and disenfranchising entire classes…

An Artwork of Modern Realism

Edward Hopper’s painting called ‘Portrait of Orleans’ pictures the town of Orleans back in 1950. The painting shows the point of intersection of a town road at daytime, with the viewer standing a little to the right in the middle part of the road. There are buildings on the further right side of the viewer,…

A Reflection On Modern Medicine

The Hippocratic Oath is a promise in essence “to do no harm” made by a new doctor before becoming a practicing physician. The oath has been a standard of the medical community for several centuries. It remains just as meaningful and valid today as when Hippocrates wrote it in 400 BC. Medical ethics in today’s…

The Impact of Lu Hsun’s Short Stories to Modern Chinese Culture

This paper analyzes four of Lu Hsun’s short stories namely Kung I-Chi, Medicine, Soap, and Diary of a Madman, and examines rising patterns in Hsun’s works that display the philosophies he believed in and those that he opposed. Kung I-Chi is about a man “who studied the classics but never passed the official exam (Kung…

Bad Habits of Modern Drivers

Nowadays, the issues of extremely busy traffic and frequent traffic jams are among the most topical social concerns in many countries of the world. Abundance of different vehicles on the city streets, roads and highways throughout the US is a problem which is seriously affecting our life and daily activities. But, in addition to the…

Modern Racism

Racism is a problem that has characterized the American society from the historical past and has refused to go away. Though at present, racism is not depicted in overt terms but still kept observations reveal that racism still raises its ugly head in an institutionalized manner. The dream as projected by Martin Luther King Junior…

Museum of Modern Art

“The agenda for museums in the twenty-first century” by Harold Skramstad is concentrated on the historical aspects of the museums in the United States. He notices that museums were the great success of the American public education on the nineteenth century. During the twenty century museums stayed the important part of cultural landscape, and nowadays…

Modern Expressionism

The visit to LACMA museum made it apparent that art has many characteristics, one of them being an irreplaceable social role in our lives. While many consider art to be only a form of entertainment, it is apparent that our social values are reflected through art in a much more comprehensive way then through any…

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