Modern Essay Topics

Modern Figurative Art

The artists used darker colours from the 1830s to the 1860s, and the main subject of the paintings were simple portraits of significant people or self portraits of the artists themselves. As you move further through the sections, there are more scenic and historical paintings, as well as paintings showing everyday situations of the time…. View Article

A modern audience

But her marriage to will is all a practical arrangement as she is good at her job and Will is a skilled craftsman. As this partnership moves on the pair become more successful, they manage to pay back Mrs Hepworth the loan she gave then to get started and we see a more romantic side… View Article

The Modern Prometheus

Surprisingly, this moral aspect of the chapter is thought out by the character of Victor, as up to this point its only been considered by the reader. The chapter can also tell us a lot about 19th Century life and that society had concerns about where science and the advancements made were going. This also… View Article

The Modern Prometheus

“Look at the significance of chapter five of Frankenstein to the novel as a whole. Focus on the relevance and effect of writer’s use of language to describe setting, character and what it shows about social and historical context.” “This is the reason why mothers are more devoted to their children than fathers: it is that… View Article

The modern Prometheus

When he finally meets up with Victor the monster has become incredibly lonely and yearns for a mate; another creature like himself to love and to love him in return instead of turning away from him in fear as mankind had done. He pleads with Frankenstein to create him a female so that he may… View Article

Modern day reader

Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories were written over a hundred years ago. They are antiquated and out dated and have nothing to offer a modern day reader. Discuss. One hundred years ago the lifestyle in England was very different. Queen Victoria was in power, the quality of living was at a lower standard, and the… View Article

Modern World History

The children had very different reactions to the policy of evacuation. They all had a lot of different experiences. Some liked it and felt as if it was an adventure for them, everything was new to them so they enjoyed it especially the ones who lived with wealthy hosts, some did not want to leave…. View Article

The scott report and the making

Nineteenth century Britain violently swung from being a predominantly agricultural society to being the “workshop of the world”. Such a dramatic shift led to ramifications in all British factions especially the countryside. The Scott Report otherwise known as the Majority Report was published in 1942. It summed up the complex changes that had been taking… View Article

Modern effect towards Shakepears Romeo

I will produce the play in Las Vegas so I can create a modern effect towards Shakepears Romeo & Juliet. I’ve chosen to produce Act 1 Scene 1, because it will show the tension between the two families already before the film unfolds. The scene has lots of action and there’s a variety of things… View Article

Modern audience

In Romeo and Juliet, the play is set in the 1590’s, which is a very different way of life than today. So to make the play appeal to an audience of today it needs to be altered a little. I would set it in England. In the bustling city of Newcastle outside of St James’s… View Article

Romeo and Juliet

The Modern setting of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is an extreme change to the original version. The director & producer Baz Luhrman introduces a modern setting of full violence in only the first scene of the film. The first scene is set in a very modern American city. The first shot is a TV screen with… View Article

Modern standing

The character of Henry V fulfilled the Tudor ideal of the perfect leader and king, yet for 21^st century audiences, he remains an ambiguous figure. Consider the difficulties faced by a director of this play. Does Shakespeare present Henry as a ruthless war-like figure in pursuit of victory whatever the cost, as a golden hero… View Article

Producing a modern version of the play

What difficulties have you experienced in producing a modern version of the play and how have you gone about solving these? A Midsummer Night’s dream looks at many themes and issues surrounding love and magic. The play looks into love, relationships, magic and how men and women treat each other. The play starts off with… View Article

Post modern perspective

This is not the case, so by keeping sentences short, avoiding awkward phrases and limiting pronouns, misunderstandings can be avoided. [18:2001] This principle would also apply to people whose first language is anything other than English. This is where a qualified interpreter is someone who translates in a person’s native language or who BSL for… View Article

Modern Irony

Since the beginning of time, man has attempted to unravel the seemingly infinite mysteries of life. The English playwright Tom Stoppard has written plays that address the existence of “fate” (or a predestined outcome for every human being) and controlling one’s own destiny. His plays also deal with the many other uncertainties that arise during… View Article