Models Essay Topics

Child Development Models

This essay will describe the different explanations for children’s behaviour, examining the Psychodynamic, Behaviourist and Social Learning perspectives. It will also evaluate each of these theories and make reference to their practical application. In doing so, the essay will set out how parents, child psychologists, social workers and teachers can aim to understand children’s behaviour. As… View Article

Models reflect supra-formal realities

Religion has been there since time immemorial and sacred art is one expression of its existence. Sacred art is defined as imagery intended to raise the mind to what is spiritual or to what is divine. We say something is sacred, basing it from how the article went, when an object is related to religion,… View Article

Economic Development Models

Different economic development models have been the product of theorizing from various economic and political contexts. With regards to underdevelopment, the dependency model was chosen for discussion in this paper because the model itself was developed from the experience of underdeveloped countries. The experiences of the Philippines and Venezuela were selected for comparison and contrast… View Article

Models of cultural differences

There are several different theories and models of cultural differences. Let us detect key dimensions that characterise different cultures. The work of Hall, Hofstede, Trompenaars and many others who study national cross-cultural differences has been invaluable in the area of cross-cultural studies. Edward Hall is a prominent cultural anthropologist. His theoretical framework includes a concept… View Article

The Burkean Parlor

In an ideal world, a Burkean Parlor writing center, whether the collaborative type or in its own pure or hybrid form should be capable of seamlessly merging with the control kind and even harmlessly synthesized with the Storehouse and Garret models. In contrast with the pure Storehouse and Garret models, or the individual and the… View Article

The Due Process and Offender Supervision Models

The criminal justice system has been described on various models for dealing with offenders. According to Herbert Packer’s “Two Models of the Criminal Process” in 1964, he described the criminal justice process in the US as a result of the struggle between the two models or value systems. These two are the crime control model… View Article

Due Process Models

The existence of a political body can be framed on account the need to regulate human actions. Just the same, the force of criminal process is in place to protect the society from malicious intents of erring individuals. Two models of criminal process – the Crime Control and Due Process – therefore merit attention in… View Article

Binomial and Black and Scholes Pricing models

The binomial and the Black and Schole models are option valuing models, the Binomial model involves determining the value of options using a tree like format whereby the value of the option is determined by the expiration time period of the option and volatility, for the Black and Schole model the value of options is… View Article

Mgt 401 Week 2

Business Model Comparison Most small businesses require some outside funding. Not many entrepreneurs have enough personal capital to open and maintain funding for a business. To attract investors and attain partnerships, a business owner should consider a business model necessary. This paper will compare two restaurant businesses, identify the business model and forms of ownership… View Article