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Miscellaneous Essay Examples

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The turn of the screw

“The Turn of the Screw” was written by the renowned American author Henry James during the 1890’s. James had recently been through an extremely unsuccessful patch, finding it difficult to sell his lengthy, wordy novels and enduring the shame of having one of his plays booed off stage, therefore, his motivation for writing the novella…

Who killed the bloodbrothers?

This class Edward was brought up in made him seem better then Mickey. Mickey wanted this well brought up class and through the lack of control and giving away of a child, Mickey shot Eddie because he was jealous, his mother had not given him away, and this was the reason why Mickey was so…

William Todhunter- Wartime letters

The whimpers of horses continued long after the firing had stopped. Those poor creatures- sent by fat old men to do their bidding. This great war. This perfect waste. Wipers November 8th Dearest Mamma, Your letter arrived on Thursday, but already that seems an age ago. Day and night seem to fall into one and…



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Women at point zero and Doll’s House

She declares that “as a prostitute [she] [is] not [herself], [her] feelings did not rise from within [her]” (85). She “[makes] no effort, [expends] no energy, [gives] no affection and [provides] no thought” (86) when she sleeps with men. The parallelism displays the stealth and disgust Firdaus feels when she is making love with them….

The Fatal Mistake

“This is Sweta’s book, she gave it to me”, she replied. “I never knew you read Daniel Steel? “, she glared at her. “Sweta told me that this was really an emotional story and I would love it”, she said. “Why did you come back early from college? “, she asked. “The lecturer was absent….

The Signalman

There is an immediate sense of the unknown. The first line in the story is “Halloa, below there! “. This opens the story with a sense of mystery. There are two people unknown to each other, one high, and the other below. The narrator is seen as the being in the presence of light and…

The supernatural aspects of Macbeth

In my essay I am going to be writing about the Supernatural aspects of “Macbeth”. I will be referring closely to Act 1 Scene 3, Act 1 Scene 5 and Act 4 Scene 1. In Shakespeare’s day people were obsessed with witchcraft. Shakespeare added supernatural elements to the play to grab the audience’s attention right…

The Traveller

The Traveller stood in the centre of the deserted graveyard. A wall of fog slowly surrounded him as he placed daffodils on a grave. Every night he would do this. He would look on, wet tears forming in his lost grey eyes. The Listeners heard everything The Traveller said. They heard how he prayed and…

The tulip touch

The 168 page book called “The Tulip Touch” by Annie Fine, quoted “the book with the fiery eye and the secret message on the cover” is about a teenage girl who lives inside a large hotel called “the palace”. After constantly staying at the hotel Natalie become bored, and with her mum busily running the…

The woods

Don’t think about that kind of stuff, he warned himself. You’ll freak out and run back to the house screaming, and everybody will call you a little wussbag. Sure they will. It’ll be just like the time jerry Samson was dared to stay in his garage (which he suspiciously thought was haunted), and he’d come…

The arch Deceiver and Spiv in love

In “Tony Kytes” Tony uses a horse-drawn carriage, so it is expected that he and his family were not poor, but do not own a vast amount of wealth. In “Spiv” the main character deals on the Black Market, and also appears to be a ‘classy’ dresser so he owns some amount of money. The…

Veronica victims of their cultures?

‘Veronica’ is a short story about how cultural differences in the narrator’s home affect the lives of the people. The story is told through the eyes of Okeke, he tells us how his life is different to Veronica’s in this village and how they grow up. In the beginning, Okeke explains how Veronica’s family life…

Empire of the Sun

One of the many themes in ‘Empire of the Sun’ is growing up. At the beginning of the book Jim is an optimist, but throughout the length of the book he is transformed, and by the end he has a more realistic view of things. The reader is shown how Jim grows up, through this…

Unusual Characters

All Of Roald Dahl’s Stories You Have Studied Contain An Unusual Character. Write About The Ways Dahl Presents Any Two Or Three Of These Characters To The Reader – Foundation Roald Dahl was born in Llandaff, Wales. He spent his first fifteen years of his life writing for adults. However, he’s more famous for his…

Urban Myth 09

It was a cold night with a strange breeze in the air. The roads were filled with a slight feel of tension as the man’s car drove over the frosted motor way. The smart business man dressed in an expensive suit was coming home from work and drove peacefully along the road with not a…

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