Minority Essay Topics

Ethnic Minority Adolescents

Define and give two examples of diversity as a dimension of ethnic minority adolescents One important dimension of ethnic minority adolescents is their diversity. It is highly evident that ethnic minorities are different in terms of their historical background, economic experiences, and social qualities (Santrock, 2007). They may also have different traditions, beliefs, and practices,… View Article

Minority languages

The world has very many languages that are considered as minor. These are well spread through the lands and they are threatened towards extinction. Various policies have been put forward by different countries to help preserve these unique dialects and one of the ways is by use of education scholarships given to people of these… View Article

Blauner Hypothesis

Disucussion on the Noel and Blauner Hypotheses When two distinct groups first come into contact with each other, the conditions of that meeting can determine the fate and mold the relations of the two groups for generations. This is called the “Contact Situation.” Donald Noel and Robert Blauner have analyzed this initial contact and developed… View Article

Affirmative Action PRO vs. CON

The 108th Congress of the United States brought up the debate of whether to allow public institutions to adopt the Affirmative Action, allowing minorities to have higher opportunities than the majority. Although no specific stand was approached, it clearly shows the growing interest of people on the act of Affirmative Action. I am pro Affirmative… View Article

Race Racism and Society

Race racism and society What do you consider the most convincing theoretical explanation for racism in society today? Whilst there are many theories for why racism exists in society today, in my essay I will be discussing what theories have emerged to explain racism in society today and what reasons sociologists put forward for this…. View Article